More brick-and-mortar merchants have been launching online stores to complement their physical stores—as they should. 

In a world where online shopping becomes more of a popular choice, having an online store means future-proofing your brand and meeting customers where they are and where they prefer to shop, whether in-store, online or in between.

To get the coherent and seamless experience that is required to run a smooth omnichannel business, there has been an increased demand for tools that unify the online and in-store shopping experience. With a great POS (Point of Sale) system, brick-and-mortar merchants can have access to the tools needed to manage a multichannel business, with in-store and online sales all tracked in one place, ensuring that your two (or more) sales channels are perfectly synced.

In this article, we take a look at a popular choice for brick-and-mortar merchants who want to make the switch to omnichannel sales and are choosing Shopify and Shopify’s popular POS system. 

What is Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale app designed to help business owners sell their products in person and online. 

This is a great solution for brick-and-mortar merchants who want to expand into ecommerce, join pop-ups, offer in-store pickup for online sales, and provide seamless online, in-store, and in-between experiences for customers.

Shopify POS syncs directly with your Shopify store and other sales channel you use, helping you stay on top of data related to inventory, customers, sales, and payouts across sales channels.

When it comes to brick-and-mortar stores expanding their range to include both in-store and online shopping, Shopify POS has been creating better opportunities for businesses that want to do both and more.

Here are the highlights of what makes Shopify POS great for brick-and-mortar merchants:

  • Omnichannel Functions: Shopify features all of the tools you'll need to run a multichannel business with in-store and online sales.
  • POS Functions: Shopify POS syncs online and in-person sales, facilitates curbside and pickup orders, allows customers to start sales in-store and finish online, accepts all popular payment types, manages a business from a centralized tool sell on social media platforms 
  • Inventory Management: Shopify's POS software manages inventory across all channels and provides comprehensive analytics and advanced reporting on all sales channels that you can peruse on the app.

To get started with Shopify POS, you need to purchase a Shopify ecommerce subscription and have a Shopify store. You can download Shopify POS on any IOS or Android device.

How much does Shopify POS cost? The app is free to use for those who already have a Shopify store under any Shopify Plan. 

Why Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Choose Shopify & Shopify POS


1. Seamless Omnichannel Shopping

Shopify POS is designed to give brick-and-mortar merchants a seamless experience when it comes to how they sell their wares, online and in-store. With Shopify’s POS app, omnichannel retail is a breeze.

Omnichannel commerce is a must in today’s business landscape. It is a multichannel sales approach that puts the customer experience first, regardless of whether the customer is shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop, or in a physical store.

With Shopify POS, you’ll be able to sell almost anywhere, including through your online store, brick-and-mortar stores, weekend markets, and more.

The app not only provides a great experience for merchants, but it also provides a smooth shopping experience for customers who are shopping both online and in-store. All in all, the Shopify POS app helps merchants make higher sales through omnichannel commerce, improves the customer experience, and increases customer loyalty in the long run.


2. A Single Backend for Reports

With Shopify POS, merchants get a unified point of access to advanced reporting and analytics, as well as a variety of operational functions that help you run your business. 

You’ll be able to access the details, information, and performance of all your operations from a single dashboard. Shopify will sync and gather data on all sales, update the status of your inventory, and sync orders across different locations. This is perfect for brick-and-mortar merchants who wish to branch out onto online sales, join pop-ups, and allow online sales with in-store pickup.

With advanced in-store analytics, Shopify POS helps merchants through actionable reports and analyses, so that businesses can make informed business and marketing decisions.

It's a great tool that simplifies and streamlines all your business operations, with its advanced inventory features helping you keep an eye on stocks, as well as analytics like demand forecasting, low stock reports, sale item suggestions, stock adjustments, transfers, and inventory receiving.


3. Improved Customer Loyalty

One of the reasons that brick-and-mortar merchants are moving their businesses online is to improve customer experience and customer loyalty, a fundamental aspect of growing your brand.

Shopify POS is a top choice for the fact that it helps merchants capture customer data, and create customer profiles, ensuring that this data is managed across all online and in-person sales. 

With Shopify POS’s loyalty apps, merchants can enable customers to collect redeemable points, both online and off. This is a great way to incentivize loyalty to your brand.

With customer data and information at your disposal, Shopify POS also offers personalized marketing, making for a more personal shopping experience for customers. A sophisticated POS system, Shopify allows merchants to see where and when customers are buying. Coupled with additional metrics and significant data, this will help you make the best data-driven business decisions and informed marketing campaigns that work to drive customers in-store and online.


Bottom Line

As more brick-and-mortar stores join ecommerce, it’s important to have a POS system that helps merchants keep track of their business in one place. 

Shopify POS is a fantastic solution for any business looking to branch out from in-store to online. With Shopify POS, brick-and-mortar merchants are provided with innovative tools that help them future-proof their businesses, regardless of the sales channel. 

A top-rated POS system designed to provide a smooth omnichannel shopping experience, Shopify POS allows brick-and-mortar merchants to do business anywhere and any way a customer wants to shop.

Are you ready to join ecommerce and set up your Shopify store with Shopify POS?


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