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Founded in 2015

Ecommerce Pro is a top rated Shopify web design agency based in Toronto, Canada, and Tallinn, Estonia. Our expertise lies in delivering various Shopify solutions, such as Shopify Web Design and Development, platform migrations to Shopify, Shopify Plus, and other essential Shopify services.

Our Shopify Services

Shopify Web Design

Thousands of Shopify merchants are using Shopify themes for their websites. Our Shopify web designers and experts will help you select, build & customize the ideal Shopify theme that best suits your business.

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Custom Shopify Themes

Our Shopify web designers and experts specialize in custom Shopify themes development. With custom Shopify themes, your online store and website will have unique architecture, functions, and features.

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Shopify Migration

Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform around the world. Our Shopify migration experts will ensure a smooth and seamless website migration to Shopify and Shopify Plus based on the best practices.

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Other Shopify Solutions

Being a trusted Shopify Agency, we offer many other Shopify services and solutions including: Shopify Priority Support and Retainers, CRO Website Audits, Web Content, Ecommerce Consulting Calls and Shopify Trainings.

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Considering a Platform Migration to Shopify?

Replatforming your website might seem daunting. But with the right Shopify agency the benefits are boundless.

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Shopify Experts Covering

Wide Range of Industries


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Top-Rated Shopify Agency

We're proud to be a Top-Rated Shopify Web Design and Development Agency, recognized for our expertise for 5-star ratings on over 100 projects and tasks completed, as listed on Shopify's Official Partners Directory.

Experienced Shopify Experts

Since 2015, our Shopify web designer and experts have worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe from different industries including: Industrial, Fashion, Electronics, Health & Beauty and more.

Our Shopify Portfolio

We've helped many businesses from all industries build and redesign their websites on Shopify. Our clients have made it to the Top 10% Shopify Stores and Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies in 2023.

Shopify App Testing

Get your Shopify App Tested by Trusted Ecommerce and Shopify Experts.

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We've Helped Brands Scale on Shopify
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Enhance Your Ecommerce Store with the Help of a Shopify Development Agency

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Enterprise Shopify Theme: Revolutionizing Speed for Ecommerce

Enterprise Shopify Theme: Revolutionizing Speed for Ecommerce

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