Shopify's biggest updates with brand new upgraded features - Introducing Online Store 2.0. Get in touch with us to upgrade your website to Shopify Online Store 2.0.

What is Shopify Online Store 2.0?

Shopify Online Store 2.0 is the latest update from Shopify that comes with a new and improved version of the Shopify platform. This update includes a new version of the online store build, enhancements to the Themes and Online Store Editor, Store Content, and Developer Tools. All this is set to make Shopify easier for developers and Shopify store owners and merchants to build and customize their stores.

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Shopify's biggest updates with brand new upgraded features - Introducing Online Store 2.0.

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Shopify 2.0

What features are included in Shopify Online Store 2.0?

✔ Upgraded theme architecture

Upgraded theme architecture for Shopify stores, providing both merchants and developers with easier and more flexible customization options.

✔ Flexible store content

Shopify Developers will not have to add hardcode meta fields into Shopify themes or rely on APIs to make changes to product pages.

✔ Enhancements to the theme editor

An easier way to navigate through Shopify theme editor enables both Shopify merchants and developers to take an advantage of this update.

✔ New developer tools

Shopify 2.0 or Online Store 2.0 introduces a whole new way for Shopify developers to build and customize apps and themes for Shopify merchants.

✔ A new reference theme

With Shopify 2.0 or Online Store 2.0, Shopify launched a brand new theme called "Dawn". A default theme that combines all new features.

✔ Updating your themes and apps

To take advantage of all new features offered by Shopify 2.0 or Online Store 2.0, all Shopify merchants should upgrade their current themes and apps.

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