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A Top-rated Shopify Plus Agency with experienced professionals that specialize in designing and developing Shopify stores and websites. We understand that every business has unique requirements and goals this is why we work closely with our clients to create an online presence on Shopify and Shopify Plus that reflects their brand identity and meets their specific needs. Whether you're a small or large business in the fashion, jewelry, beauty, furnishing, B2B or lifestyle industry and looking to build a a new Shopify or Shopify Plus website, we're here to help you! Explore different Shopify and Shopify Plus case studies from all industries. 

By Industry

  • Fashion


    Assisted clients in the Fashion industry with launching ecommerce stores that reflect their brand's unique style. Our Shopify agency focuses on creating an engaging user experience that encourages customers to browse and purchase fashion items with ease.

  • Beauty & Jewelry

    Beauty & Jewelry

    Helped Beauty & Jewelry clients create ecommerce stores that highlight the beauty and quality of their products. From easy navigation to seamless checkout, we ensure a satisfying customer experience that boosts sales.

  • B2B


    Our Shopify agency specializes in developing B2B & Wholesale ecommerce stores that cater to a diverse range of clients and distributors. We implement essential features that streamline the buying process and enhance the overall customer journey.

  • Lifestyle


    Worked with clients in the Lifestyle industry to create engaging ecommerce stores. From intuitive navigation to visually appealing design, we ensure a seamless customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back.

  • Furnishing


    Supported clients in the Furnishing industry establish their online presence with elegant ecommerce stores. We pay special attention to incorporating features that allow customers to browse and purchase furniture with ease.

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Features & Functionalities

  • Back in Stock

    Back in Stock

    Minimize lost sales by Notifying your subscribed customers when your product is back in stock.

  • Product Reviews

    Product Reviews

    Help customers make informed decisions by allowing shoppers to share their opinions and experiences about a particular product.

  • Size Chart

    Size Chart

    Reduce returns by giving customers a better shot at selecting the right size when they place their order.

  • Responsive Theme

    Responsive Theme

    Designed to adjust and respond to the user’s behavior and environment while shopping in your Shopify store.

  • Quick Add

    Quick Add

    Facilitate browsing and allow making that purchase decision easy & fast. Let customers order directly from that same page.

  • Shopify Metafields

    Shopify Metafields

    Allow website visitors to engage in real-time conversations with customer service representatives or chatbots.

  • Accessibility


    Well-built themes offer a wide range of customization options, including different layouts, fonts, colors, and page templates.

  • Live Chat

    Live Chat

    Helps engage in real-time conversations with customer service representatives or chatbots.