Building a one-product Shopify store but can’t decide on the best Shopify Themes in 2022 for your single-product online store? This article was written for you.

There are many successful single-product Shopify stores out there, thriving on the single idea of a great product. One-product online stores are fabulous for those who want to build a brand around a product and service, pouring all marketing and branding effort into a single “winning” product.

It only takes one good idea to make a killing in online business. While most online sellers are out there selling multiple products in a single store, having more than one product isn’t a requirement for making it big. Some will argue that selling one product may give you an advantage because you can concentrate all your focus on developing a good idea and giving it the proper thought and attention that it needs to fully blossom and grow.

So you’ve got your winning product and you are bent on building a Shopify Online Store, considered one of the world’s top-rated and fasted growing ecommerce platforms in 2022. Now, What about themes?

What are Shopify Themes?

The Shopify Theme Store will have you spoilt for a selection of free and premium, highly responsive online store themes. Many of these themes are developed with business types in mind, from large warehouse-like stores to fancy online fashion boutiques. 

Shopify describes its themes as the templates merchants use in building their Shopify stores. Every month, thousands of Shopify merchants download these themes, many of which are designed and created by Shopify’s partner community.

Themes are important because they determine the look and feel of your Shopify store, with different themes having different layouts and designs. 

We all know that design is important when it comes to building your online store, and while all Shopify themes are beautifully designed and responsive, it's important to select the best Shopify theme for you and your one-product Shopify store.

What to look for in a Shopify theme if you are only selling one product?

Since you’re on the hunt for the best Shopify theme for a single product store, you may be asking yourself which features to look for.

Product organization features are one aspect. Although you may only be selling a single product, your product may have variations in color and size. It's important to find a theme that helps you showcase your single product beautifully and in a way that is on-brand.

The second is responsive design. More than half of online shoppers are shopping on their mobile phones, so taking into account the mobile experience of the customer is a must. Thankfully, one of the most attractive features of all Shopify themes is its mobile responsiveness. All Shopify themes are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Below we have listed the best paid and free themes for single-product online stores on Shopify in 2022:


1. Venue

Venue by Safe as Milk is a cleverly designed theme made specifically for small catalogs. This theme is perfect for single-product Shopify stores because it is packed with the necessary feature you need, without all the clutter you find in mega menu online stores.

With a special highlight on visual storytelling, Venue is designed to showcase images, text, and video to support the visual telling of your brand’s story. For single-product brands, visual storytelling can play a major part in connecting with customers at a deeper level.

Designed to convert quickly, Venue features a powerful Quick Shop feature. This feature is designed to keep online store visitors in the buying mindset from the landing page, without even having to visit the product page to add to cart. It is a well-built theme that is highly responsive, clean, and professional.



2. Highlight

Highlight by Known Themes is great for one-product Shopify stores because of how it was designed specifically to showcase your noteworthy product creatively and engagingly.

This theme is modern, sleek, and minimal, with unique and rich features that will help you build the one-product Shopify store you imagined. With Highlight, your product will be in the spotlight, helping you engage your visitors with a truly responsive layout. 

Because of its Parallax Vertical Slider features, you can display your product, brand details, and special promos in a highly creative and neat way. Image and text appear with an animated effect that was deliberately designed to capture and keep user attention, making them more responsive to calls to action across your website.

This theme is great for one-product Shopify stores also because of its enriched product description section and editorial content, Highlight is optimized for longer-form text sections, perfect for brand storytelling and thorough product descriptions with specs.



3. Startup

Startup by Pixel Union is a theme for  Direct-to-Consumer brands with small selections. This theme is perfect because it was specially created for Shopify stores with small catalogs or a single product. Startups may also want to do a double-take when they encounter this theme.

Startup is great for creating that exclusive and curated feel, making your single product shine with optimization for large images that show off your products with high-resolution quality all across your shop.

This theme has a modular layout that is great for one-product stores. Pixel Union designed the homepage of this theme in such a way that page visitors don’t need to go to the product page, instead, they can purchase your product from the homepage.

The multi-column menu allows page visitors to navigate your online store with a large drop-down menu. Clean and easy to navigate, Startup is designed to help your visitors learn about your brand and its single product quickly with a testimonials section for reviews that help you build customer trust. 



4. Launch

Launch by Pixel Union is a Shopify theme that helps small businesses scale their startups into successful online stores. Launch is another theme by Pixel Union that was specifically built for single-product online stores, jam-packed with features to help you grow your single-product shop in no time.

If you are looking for a theme that is product-focused, Launch makes the product emphasis easy by highlighting product features on both your homepage and product pages. You’ll be able to display technical specifications cleanly on your home page and product page while building trust with customers.

For those looking for a quick store launch, this theme is designed to help you develop a Shopify store quickly, with its no-fuss design and easy setup.

Because Launch is designed for scaling, the theme can also support a larger catalog for when your business grows.



5. Bullet

Bullet by Open Think was created for the contemporary brand, featuring a minimal grid that is perfect for single-product Shopify stores. The creators of the theme give merchants all of the necessary tools and settings you could need to build a stunning online store worthy of your brand, an online store that boasts the ultimate shopping experience that will have your store visitors converting from the landing page.

Minimal, highly responsive, and highly customizable, this theme is focused on helping you make those sales. The polished and clean design gives your products the breathing space it needs, minimizing clutter so that store visitors can focus on what you’re selling, helping you showcase every significant detail with greater clarity.

They don’t call it Bullet for nothing. This theme also boasts fast loading times, boosting the customer experience and SEO ranking of your shop.

Price: USD 280


6. Craft

Craft by Shopify is a free theme that celebrates craftsmanship. A refined theme, Craft was created with a minimalist appeal and sophisticated flare designed to help you showcase your craftsmanship—as you can tell from the name. Shopify highlights the honest and authentic design of the theme, full of generous spacing and elegant typography to support your product images.

 If you are a creative who makes your own products, Craft is a theme that helps you highlight your authentic and creative designs, with plenty of advanced customization options to help you tell your brand’s story and achieve your desired brand vision.

Craft by Shopify is perfect for merchants who are on the lookout for a free theme that looks simple and professional, perfect for single product online stores that want a hand-crafted and natural feel.

If you are an artisan who makes their own products and wants to sell their wares with the help of a creative theme for an artisanal product, Craft is for you.



7. Sense 

Sense by Shopify is another free theme they launched in 2022. It boasts an energizing design that features extensive product detail layouts—perfect for single product online stores that want site visitors to get acquainted with their product quickly.

This theme features a fresh and bright design for those who like to keep it light and energetic. The fresh color pallet and soft gradient design are striking, and the layouts help guide your site visitors through your online store.

Made for enhanced product understanding, this theme is made to show off your product with comprehensive product description sections. Originally designed with the health and beauty industry in mind, this theme is also a popular choice for small catalog and single-product shops that want something modern and colorful.

With lots of advanced customization options, you’ll find that Sense is flexible and easy to customize to reach your desired single-product brand vision.



Going for Bespoke Themes

In this article, we have listed 7 paid and free themes, all of which are pre-designed out-of-the-box solutions you can use to build your single product Shopify store in 2022.

For brands looking for a unique experience concerning their one product shop, the answer lies in Bespoke Designs. 

Unlike ready-made themes you’ll find on the Shopify Theme Store, bespoke designs are created uniquely for your site. Bespoke designs are one-of-a-kind, meaning you can build your shop to match your brand’s identity in its entirety. 

Note that, while ready themes are not as unique as a bespoke designs, there are ways to make an out-of-the-box theme your own through customization. However, for those looking for more for their brand, bespoke design Shopify websites offer brands complete creative freedom in building their website and brand.


Bottom Line

When you visit the Shopify Theme store, you will be greeted with a wide and beautiful selection of themes to choose from. 

With the variety of free and paid themes available, it's important to select a theme that suits your single product online store, a fully responsive theme, helping you highlight and showcase the very best of your product.

Themes like Venue, Highlight, Startup, Launch, Bullet, Craft, and Sense are the perfect places to look when deciding the best Shopify themes for single-product Shopify stores. Alternatively, you can look into a bespoke design.

All of the themes talked about in this article are sophisticated and built to help you grow your business. Visit the Shopify Theme store today and explore the free and paid themes to find the right one for you and your one product online store.


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