Are you selling lots of products in your online store? Shopify may be the right solution for online store with a large inventory, with its collection of themes.

Shopify is known for featuring a host of sophisticated and high-standard themes that are packed with built-in features used by store owners to build and run their online stores. The extensive collection features paid and free themes and categories catering to small and large inventory stores.

Now, if you’re running an online store with a large inventory featuring anything under the sun under your specific niche, then you need a theme built for your large, one-stop-shop catalog.

In this article, we talk about 3 of our top pick themes for large inventory Shopify stores. These Shopify themes for large inventory shops were selected based on their ability to help you run a large online shop, with features that help customers find the right products with advanced search and filtering, mega menus, and sophisticated collection page navigation. 

If you’re looking for the best themes for your large inventory Shopify stores, you’ve come to the right place. Here we talk about why Shopify is great for your large inventory store and our top 3 favorite themes you can use in 2023. Let's get started.


Why Shopify is Great for Large Inventory Stores

The Shopify ecommerce platform has a template system known as Themes that you can explore from their Theme Store. Shopify themes are essentially a layout that helps you create and run your online store, with plenty of customization options to help you build the online shop of your dreams.

The theme store features several collections, some of which cater to curated boutique-type stores, and stores with larger collections and catalogs, making Shopify a well-rounded solution for ecommerce businesses as it caters to the minute needs of both small and large businesses alike.

If your store features a large catalog, you can find the best Shopify themes on our list.

Top 3 Shopify Themes for Large Catalogs

1. Warehouse

True to its name, the Warehouse theme was built for large online stores, specifically designed to display and promote a large catalog of products. Aptly named, Warehouse is a great choice for stores that want to showcase their wares without the cluttered feeling of large stores, with advanced search and filtering to help customers get to where they need to go.

The Warehouse theme is known for featuring powerfully designed collection pages that are built to organize, showcase, and filter catalogs that have thousands of products. Users love the highly versatile design and custom settings, giving them the power to create unique product displays, content, metafields, and so much more.

This theme is good for dropshipping businesses, electronics stores, and more. An easy choice for no-fuss, large inventory businesses that are looking for something clean, professional, and reliable.

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment


2. Expanse

Another aptly named Shopify theme, Expanse is for shop owners looking for a clean and versatile look for stores with large inventories and for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period.

Stylish and powerful, Expanse is totally customizable, packed with features, and fantastic support from the creators of the theme. Built for even better brand storytelling, Expanse’s drag-and-drop sections help you create custom pages across your store, with blocks for images, videos, quotes, and more.

Expanse was created by the premier theme company, Archetype themes. It features 20+ sections available everywhere, product sales points & metafields, and multiple landing, product, and collection templates.

The theme is also great because of its cross-selling features, allowing you to showcase recommended products, and cart upsells, along with other features that keep customers shopping.

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment


3. Empire

Perfect for large catalogs, the inspiration behind the creation of this theme happens to be marketplaces like Amazon. The creators of the Empire theme combined marketplace design with exceptional functionality, organization, and performance to create a theme that is positively optimized for a large and diverse catalog.

This theme is packed with features like great collection page navigation, enhanced search, and recommended products. You’ll find that as a Shopify theme, Empire offers its users an exceptional navigation experience, with filter features to guide customers and drive conversion, with cross-selling features. The theme also comes with product comparison features, a must for larger stores, so that customers can compare different products in your shop before making a purchase.

This Shopify theme is great for drop shippers, stores that handle a large number of transactions, and stores that also handle in-person selling.

PRICE: 310 USD one-time payment


If you have a large selection of products to sell online, Shopify offers great solutions to help you build and grow a successful online business.

There is a wide selection of Shopify themes for large catalogs that you can explore on Shopifys Theme Store, all of which are beautifully designed and easy to customize to meet the needs of your business. 

Themes like Warehouse, Expanse, and Empire are all sophisticated and beautifully crafted themes that are designed to help you build a large catalog online store—and these are but three examples of Shopifys top-rated themes used by a multitude of successful brands using the platform.

Looking for the best Shopify theme to build a large catalog online store in 2023?


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