How much do Shopify plans cost in 2023? We updated our guide to reflect Shopify’s new 2023 price plans so you can choose the best Shopify plan for your online business.


Shopify Announces Changes to 2023’s Plan Pricing

Shopify, one of the top ecommerce platforms that is renowned for its sophisticated features, reasonable pricing, and user-friendly systems has only recently announced a change to the price of their Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans.

The new Shopify plan price increase is effective immediately for new Shopify businesses and will take full effect on April 23, 2023, for existing Shopify merchants on the platform.

When Shopify was founded in 2006, it was a revolutionary service with a novel idea: to provide all merchants of all sizes access to the best ecommerce tools in the world. Although a lot has happened since 2006, Shopify fees have stayed roughly the same, until 2023.

In order to not change the value of Shopify, weve had to change the price,” Nejatian wrote,  Shopify’s chief operating officer, in a blog post announcing the changes.

The increased price of Shopify’s plans allows the company to continue solving problems in the ecommerce industry and to work with the most qualified people to solve issues and to continue improving the platform. But above all else, the change to Shopify’s pricing plan means that they won’t have to make any compromises. Shopify will be able to continuing what has always been a great service and ecommerce platform used by millions of online businesses from around the world.

The announcement of the pricing increase by Shopify demonstrates the platform's dedication to providing users with the best ecommerce platform and experience available on the market for a reasonable price, without cutting corners and forgoing quality.

With its monthly renewable subscriptions-based model, Shopify hosts a selection of plans to suit all business stages and sizes, with its basic plan now starting at  $39 per month for individuals who wish to create an online business.

Your desired features, pricing range, and anticipated level of technical assistance will all play a role in selecting the best Shopify package. In order to help you choose what will work best for your company, we've produced an updated 2023 Shopify price guide.

In this article, we go into Shopify, its pricing plans, and the benefits of each plan.


What is Shopify

Let's begin with the basics.

Shopify is a subscription-based ecommerce platform that was first established in 2006. If you have an online business idea in mind, with Shopify, you can build run, and grow your online business from the ground up.

Shopify allows you to:

  • Make your own online store and customize it

  • Sell across a variety of platforms, including as the web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, physical locations, and pop-up stores.

  • Manage your products, inventory, payments, and deliveries.

Since Shopify is entirely hosted and cloud-based, you won't need to worry about maintaining or updating your software or web servers.

Shopify is extremely versatile and serves its clients well, with its jam-packed features that help merchants sell anywhere, as well as supporting in-person selling with Shopify POS.

If youre looking to explore Shopify POS or would like to hire a Shopify POS expert, reach out to us by filling this form.

Whether you run a small online store on a budget or handle a large and quickly growing online business, a Shopify website will have you and your needs covered with a pricing plan to match your business operation and budget.

This brings to mind the next question: How much does Shopify cost in 2023?


Shopify Pricing Plans in 2023

If you're considering utilizing Shopify to sell products online in 2023, you probably already know you have a range of pricing plans to select from. However, you might be unsure of which one is best for your online business.

In this section of the article, we examine Shopify rates in 2023, quickly walking you through each of the plans that are offered and highlighting the important features that may matter to you.

By the time you're done reading, you'll be able to identify the plan that is most appropriate for your venture.

It's also important to note that Shopify provides a paid trial for as little as $1 per month for clients who still wish to explore the platform and fully develop their website before the launch. You can sign up for the trial to explore Shopify’s great features and build your site.

Here are Shopify’s updated price plans for 2023:


Basic Shopify - $39 per month

The least expensive Shopify plan that allows you to establish a fully functional online store or website is called "Basic Shopify," and it costs $39 per month.

A budget-friendly option, Basic Shopify lets you develop a Shopify website that is packed with all the tools you need to launch and grow a small business.

Basic Shopify includes two staff accounts to help you manage your store, allows you to add infinite products, has unlimited bandwidth, abandoned cart recovery, a blog engine, SSL certificate, basic reports, and 24/7 Shopify support. You can manage all of your products, orders, and customer data from your Shopify admin page if you choose the Basic Shopify pricing plan.

Why to choose Basic Shopify plan?

You are looking to build a smart, fully functional ecommerce website on a budget with the cheapest plan. With Basic Shopifyplan, you will have everything you need to operate an online business at the lowest price point. It is perfect for people who are just getting started and are okay with forgoing some of Shopify's more sophisticated features, like more advanced analytics.

Basic Shopify is an excellent choice for its low price and abundance of great features for stores that don't need a lot of staff or need to do complex ecommerce operations. If you do not need Shopify’s extensive reports and wish to start slow on a budget, the Basic plan is perfect for you.

The Basic Shopify package costs $39 per month and charges 2.9% plus 30c for each transaction.


Shopify- $105 per month

The next plan to consider is simply called “Shopify”. Many businesses frequently select the Shopify plan as it is a good bet for mid-sized and small businesses. This pricing option is a leap from Basic Shopify, but for that extra money, you get all the benefits of the Basic plan plus a ton of superior features for your store.

Shopify Standard Reports, one of the extra services, offers deeper insights into customer behavior and metrics on the performance of your website. Given that it provides possibilities for gift cards and coupons for your store, this pricing strategy is also excellent for attracting repeat consumers. You also get 5 staff accounts, professional reports, and USPS priority mail, among other perks.


Why to choose the Shopify plan?

This Shopify pricing plan is for you if you run a growing company, are handling a high volume of online sales, or expect an increase in online sales volume. With this price range, you receive more features and more sophisticated tools. For online store owners who want to evaluate and apply consumer data to boost sales and create a better, data-driven ecommerce company, the regular Shopify plan is ideal because it provides professional reports.

The Shopify package costs $105 per month and charges 2.6% plus 30c for each transaction.


Advanced Shopify- $399 per month

In comparison to the Shopify plan, the Advanced Shopify plan costs quite a bit more. But this price point is worth it for online businesses that want even more advanced features that help companies make more efficient business decisions.

The Advanced Shopify plan offers all the capabilities of the Shopify pricing plan, plus additional advanced features. This pricing strategy is ideal for businesses that are more established and are anticipated to expand. It's also worth noting that this plan comes with the lowest transaction fees.

Shopify’s advanced analytics and reports offered in the Advanced plan are its main benefits. The most thorough reports are included in the Advanced Shopify plan to help you monitor the success of your business. The Advanced package also includes up to 15 staff accounts so that you can manage all the administrative activities of your business.

Another aspect of the Advanced plan to note is that it allows for Carrier-Calculated Shipping. By integrating with a third-party shipping service, you can give your customers up-to-date shipping costs and alternatives when they make an order in your shop. It's also worth noting that this plan comes with the lowest transaction fees.


Why to choose Shopify Advanced plan?

If your online store is already well-established, you have more employees, and you expect to grow even more as your online store experiences significant success.

If your business is expected to grow quickly, Advanced Shopify has the lowest transaction costs and offers more in-depth business analysis with its advanced report function, which will help you better manage a growing enterprise. This price option provides you with valuable information about the operation of your store and client behavior, useful information for businesses that make data-driven decisions.

The Shopify package costs $399 per month and charges 2.4% plus 30c for each transaction.

For enterprise-level ecommerce businesses, Shopify Plus starts at around $2000 per month + 2.15% per transaction.

Read more about Shopify Plus here.

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A Monthly Contract

The additional benefit of flexibility comes with the fact that Shopify subscriptions are renewed monthly.

In the event that you wish to change your plan, choosing a different plan is possible because most contracts are renewed on a month-to-month basis. For example, if you choose Basic Shopify and wish to switch to Advanced, you most certainly can.

If you decide to discontinue your online store or temporarily shut it down, you may also do so at any moment.


Good to Know: Additional Costs

It's crucial to be aware of any potential additional costs associated with developing and maintaining a Shopify ecommerce website in addition to these standard Shopify plans. When choosing the ideal Shopify pricing plan for you, you may want to consider the following additional add-ons and services when determining your budget:



The Shopify App Store is used by 87% of Shopify merchants, who install at least six apps on each of their websites. Installing apps enables retailers to better develop, personalize, and manage their Shopify websites by integrating additional services and functionalities.

Now, applications created by Shopify itself are typically free, but apps created and supported by a third party typically aren’t.

Explore apps and their monthly fees on the Shopify App Store to get a better view on what’s available.


Domain Name

In the early phases of developing an ecommerce website, most serious brands and merchants will view securing a domain name as a crucial business asset.

Your store's URL will appear as (your-store-name) if you don't purchase your own domain name. The majority of merchants choose a bespoke URL that is exclusively theirs and does not contain the "myshopify" part for branding purposes.

See what domain names are available and how much they cost on Shopify here.


Shopify Experts

It can be difficult to set up an online business, so many business owners turn to Shopify Experts to help them get the polished outcomes they desire for their online stores.

It's likely that you will require assistance with Shopify if you are not a developer yourself or if you don't want to spend hours finding out how to set up your own shop.

Designers, developers, and consultants who specialize in Shopify are professionals in their fields and have a proven track record of success. They are members of the Shopify community and are reputable organizations; they are not Shopify employees but rather provide valuable services to merchants.

Shopify experts help you get a business idea off the ground by handling the technical aspects of setting up a Shopify store, so you won’t have to worry about coding or resolving technical problems, instead, you can pour your energy into crafting the spirit and narrative of your brand.

Working with Shopify can vary in pricing, depending on the agency or Shopify experts you choose and the services you require.

Need a Shopify Expert to help you build your Shopify website? You can view our Shopify Experts profile here to see our work or reach out to us by filling this form.


In Conclusion

Shopify continues to be among the fastest-growing ecommerce solutions for a reason. It is a platform that is oriented to the needs of the merchant and has all the features necessary for store owners to grow their online businesses on a budget that works for them.

While the 2023 Shopify Plan price increase may make the decision to join Shopify more daunting to some, Shopify continues to be a reliable choice. The ecommerce platform manages to check all the boxes when it comes to dependability, security, flexibility, support, scalability, affordable price, and ease of use, whether you are a new or established business looking for the best ecommerce solution. Your requirements will be met by Shopify, allowing you to create an online store that is completely functional and sophisticated.

Now all you have to do is choose the Shopify pricing option that is best for you and your online store.


Thinking about the best Shopify plan for your online business? If you would like to learn more and discuss which Shopify plan would be best for you, feel free to send us a message.


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Shopify Pricing Plans in 2023 -General FAQ‍

1. How much does Shopify cost in 2023?

Basic Shopify

‍Monthly Cost: $39, Transaction Fees 2.9% + $0.30


‍Monthly Cost: $105, Transaction Fees: 2.6% + $0.30

‍Advanced Shopify

‍Monthly Cost: $399, Transaction Fees: 2.4% + $0.30


2. What is the duration of Shopify contracts, and when can I terminate them?

Contracts with Shopify are renewed from month-to-month and are terminable at any moment.


3. Can I change my Shopify plan to a lower or higher tier?

Yes. Your price plan can be changed at any moment to a plan that is better suited to your online business.


4. Are there any Shopify plans with discounts?

Yes. Sign up for an annual plan to receive discounted rates. With the yearly plan, you won’t be billed every month, instead, you will be charged yearly with the following slashed prices:

Basic - $29/ month

Shopify -  $79/ month

Advanced - $299/ month


5. What if I require assistance creating a Shopify store?

If you need help setting up your online store, you can always enlist the help of a Shopify  Shopify Expert agency like Ecommerce Pro. Alternatively, there are many online resources and communities that provide resources and information.


6. Is there a maximum number of items you can sell on Shopify?

Regardless of the plan you pick, there is no cap on the number of products you can sell.


7. How much is Shopify Support?

Any plan you select includes free 24/7 Shopify support, which includes live chat, email, and phone assistance available around the clock. You can also access Shopifys active community and the Shopify help center to learn more about your Shopify and its services.