One of the best things about Shopify is that it is an ecommerce platform designed for online enterprises of all sizes, both large and small. So whether you’re a booming online seller with a large customer base, a dropshipper, or selling products from the back of your car, Shopify will have you and your needs as an online entrepreneur covered, giving you and your business all the room it needs to grow.

In this article, we are shifting the focus to enterprise-level ecommerce businesses and companies who are on the fast-track and need an ecommerce solution that can sustain and support its growth.

When it comes to enterprises of a larger scale that deal with high volumes of sales, products, and customers, Shopify Plus offers a sophisticated solution that helps you run your large online business operations. 

With an ever-increasing amount of ecommerce market share,Shopify Plus is attracting more ecommerce heavy hitters and multi-million dollar brand names that include businesses like The Economist, Red Bull, KKW Beauty, Herschel, and Harper Collins to name but a few.

If you are running a small to medium business, Shopify Plus may not be for you, but for enterprises dealing in the hundreds of thousands and multiple millions in sales, Shopify Plus offers brands and users a customizable, affordable, and sophisticated solution that offers all year reliability. 

Shopify Plus gives you the same integral features as all other Shopify plans, but much more in terms of dedicated support options,integrations, customization, and an unlimited capacity for growth that other Shopify plans and ecommerce solutions alone may not be able to contain.

Why do Businesses Choose Shopify Plus?

According to Shopify, the reasons why businesses come to join Shopify Plus is because they want to build a business, and not waste time fighting with their ecommerce software. Traditional ecommerce solutions can be difficult to use without full I.T. support, they are way too expensive to own and operate, and making simple changes can take too long to deploy. Businesses that choose Shopify Plus are choosing a scalable solution and a conveniently set up ecommerce platform that can keep you focused on the branding strategies that helped you get to where you are now in the first place.

Shopify Plus is designed to give enterprise-level merchants the best of Shopify, and much more. If you are running a high-volume store that’s on the path to more growth, Shopify Plus may be just the solution that’s right for your business. To find out more about Shopify Plus and its pros, let’s keep on reading:

Shopify Plus Pros:

    1. Highly Scalable

    Shopify Plus is specifically designed for online businesses that are large and continuing to grow. No matter how much you are scaling up, Shopify Plus is going to give you all the room you need. We are talking about unlimited scalability that will match your trajectory.

    Shopify Plus is a fully hosted SaaS platform that guarantees 99.98 up time, with its servers able to take on four million hits per second as well as thousands of orders per minute, giving you and your customers a smooth experience with your ecommerce store.

    You’ll have unlimited bandwidth and the ability to feature an unlimited amount of products. Shopify Plus is engineered to keep up with your sales, your customers, and your growth.

    2. Reasonable Pricing

    Running your online store with Shopify Plus will cost you$2000 per month, and at first glance, this can seem like a large amount of money. Nevertheless, while the price for Shopify Plus may overwhelm a store that wants to start small, this figure remains more than reasonable for enterprise-level businesses and may even be far cheaper when you factor in web hosting and keeping a website development team working for you all throughout.Hosted platforms like Shopify Plus are more cost-effective than a self-hosted system with pricing that stays constant from the day that you sign up. Also take note that when you sign up your online shop with Shopify, there are no hosting fees, maintenance cost, or additional expenses for updates, and security.

    3. Unlimited Staff Accounts

    A large business enterprise usually comes with a large and even growing team. Shopify Plus offers its users unlimited staff accounts so that you can give access to everyone one on your team who needs it.

    Shopify Plus is the only Shopify plan that allows unlimited staff accounts, with Shopify Advanced only offering up to 15 accounts. With Shopify Plus, you can grow your admin team as much as you need it to with no problems as you continue to scale.  

    4. Get the Lowest Transaction Fees

    Unlike Advanced Shopify which charges 0.5% per transaction, you get to enjoy the lowest transaction fee that Shopify has to offer with Shopify Plus at only 0.15% per transaction. This saves businesses a considerable amount of money, especially when dealing with a high volume of sales. For instance, with 1 million dollars in sales in one year on Shopify Plus, the transaction fee only amounts to $1,500 a year.

    5. 24/7 Priority Support

    Building a business with Shopify Plus entitles you to exclusive support that you won’t get with other Shopify Plans. The merchant success program provides stores access to 24/7 priority support and the right training to put you on the road to success. Shopify Plus has a dedicated support team that works tirelessly with Plus merchants to aid them pre and post-launch to achieve your vision for your store with proper support and guidance.

    The Shopify support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through email, live chat, and phone. You’ll also have access to informational resources and videos that can be of some help.

    Other exclusive resources include:

    • A Facebook community for     other Shopify Plus users.
    • Partners directory various agencies and solution partners.
    • Access to exclusive beta programs.
    • Access to the Shopify Plus Academy 

    6. Sell Internationally

    A must for brands that have a global audience, Shopify Plus eliminates barriers to international commerce, allowing customers from all around the world to shop in a variety of currencies and supports multiple languages, factors in local taxes, and shipping.

    With Multi-region, you can create store clones to cater to your international customers, with different URL to fit the appropriate region (e.g. .com,, .it, etc.).

    7. Save Time with Automation

    Time being the valuable and finite resource that it is,one of Shopify Plus’s biggest advantage is its ability to save you the time—and make you more money as a consequence. 

    Shopify Plus offers a plethora of automated processes that will free you and your team of repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. Shopify Flow is designed to help you save time by automating many customer-facing and back-office processes. Business tasks you can automate include customer service, merchandising, advertising, and much more.

    Automation will also take away the need to hire a big team, it helps you manage your time and your resources so that you can focus on what makes your customers love your brand.

    8. A Reliable Platform 

    Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons for businesses to go with Shopify Plus is the reliability that it provides for serious online businesses. When you are operating a business at a large and international scale, having a reliable platform that you can count on to work seamlessly with all your customer traffic, sales, inventory, analytics, and marketing operations becomes crucial.

    With Shopify Plus, the essential task of handling web traffic from thousands of customers, security, correct order processing, and smooth shopping is efficiently managed.

    The Verdict

    While not the ideal Shopify plan for all ecommerce businesses, Shopify Plus is just right for mid-level and enterprise-level ventures that have outgrown their current ecommerce solution and are looking for something that can sustain and support its growth. 

    When it comes to startups that are working with large scale potential and vision, Shopify Plus may be something you’ll want to look into and explore more of as well.

    Shopify offers the best in terms of available ecommerce solutions in the form of Shopify Plus, and it is a reliable platform that many global brands have come to trust for a good reason. Among those reasons are its reasonable pricing, security, and the incredibly well-rounded value that it provides wide-ranging enterprise-level ecommerce businesses.

    If you are looking for a platform that is easy to maintain all year round, with unlimited scalability that is simplified, automated, and easy to use, then Shopify Plus is a trusted solution used by established brands and booming online businesses today.

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