In a recent study done by one of the Big Three global management consulting firms, Shopify's President announced on LinkedIn that Shopify is the best-converting platform on the planet—period. And we can prove it.”

According to this study, Shopifys checkout pages convert up to 36% better than other ecommerce platforms and with an average of 15%.



Shopify is the best-converting platform on the planet - period. Harley Finkelstein”


How is the Shopify Checkout Page Better?

Shopify checkout pages are considered the best-converting checkout page when using the Shop Pay feature. It has the power to accelerate the checkout process allowing customers to easily log in and pay immediately. According to this study, Shop Pay can increase conversions by up to 50% when compared with normal guest checkout.  But, what is Shop Pay?

Shop Pay is a payment method powered by Shopify. It is a secure checkout process that allows customers to log in and complete a purchase immediately on Shopify websites. It automatically stores all customer information including contact and shipping details in addition to their payment details. Shop Pay also allows access to historical orders and has an easy and user-friendly backend. Until May 2023, Shop Pay has 100M+ registered users.

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What are Shop Pay’s Top Features?

Shop Pay comes with many features that allow Shopify merchants to scale on their websites. Here is a list of top Shop Pay features.

  1. Reduce Abandon Carts: 1.91x higher conversions on mobile plus faster checkout process.
  2. Shop Pay Installments: Offer buy now, pay later to your customers. Increases your customer's average order value on your website allowing them to split their payments. Shop Pay Installment is currently available in the US only. Read more about Shop Pay Installments.
  3. Reduce Carbon Footprint: According to Shopify, every Shop Pay purchase removes carbon from the air. This is made to reduce the environmental impact of deliveries. Learn about Shopify's Sustainability Fund
  4. Easy API Integration: Shop Pay provides easy API (Application Programming Interface) integration.


How Did Shopify Build The Worlds Most Converting Checkout Page?

Shopify is one the leading ecommerce platforms worldwide and is trusted by hundreds of millions of people that shop on Shopify-powered stores. According to BuiltWith, Shopify has more than 4,000,000 active stores holding approx. 10% of the US ecommerce industry. This proves that Shopify was designed to scale and by scale, we mean converting checkout pages. With one click, Shopify can recognize the full customers account, with the most converting checkout page from its identity network and digital wallets.


How to Start a Website on Shopify?

Starting a website on Shopify can be considered easy, but there’s a bit of a learning curve that some merchants might find time-consuming or complicated. This all depends on what are you planning to offer or sell on your Shopify website and how complex your website design and features would be.

If youre looking to build a quick website, you can simply create a FREE trial store and start testing things out. Start by creating a Shopify store URL. Once youve created your store, login into your Shopify backend and select Online Stores. Explore different Shopify themes and templates, you have different themes that range from free up to $400.

Alternatively, you can work with Shopify Experts like Ecommerce Pro. We’ve helped build hundreds of Shopify online stores and websites, and are top-rated Shopify Experts with a track record of building successful Shopify stores and websites. Our Experts team has the experience and extensive knowledge of working with the Shopify platform. You’ll get professional results and solutions tailored to your brand and its unique needs.



To conclude the article, Shopify is the platform with the highest conversion rates in 2023. Shopify's checkout page is a superior option, with research to back it up. Studies comparing the platform to other ecommerce solutions found that Shopify had conversion rates that were up to 36% higher. This achievement is mostly due to the secure and highly convenient payment option called Shop Pay, which speeds up the checkout process and boosts conversions by up to 50%. Shopify is the leading option for businesses trying to create profitable online stores due to its dedication to offering a flawless user experience, so if you're looking to improve online store conversions, look no further than Shopify.


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