At our Shopify Agency Ecommerce Pro, we have worked with clients in B2C (business-to-consumer) and DTC (direct-to-consumer) but have recently witnessed a spike in merchants adding a Wholesale Channel to service B2B (business-to-business) customers.

B2B is a business model whereby merchants, either manufacturers or distributors, sell in large quantities. This kind of business model requires an online store to have features not usually available on a standard Shopify premium theme. In this situation, the Wholesale Channel would be missing a lot of key B2B features to engage in the market.


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Introducing Shopify B2B (business-to-business) Shopify Premium Theme

In this article, I'm introducing our new ready-built Shopify B2B Shopify premium theme which we’ve been working on. This theme was built based on a need B2B merchants have been in demand of in order to cater to the Wholesale Channel.

In the past, merchants would have had to apply custom code and install multiple apps in order to achieve their desired Wholesale features and functions. Those features and functions are applicable to almost all Shopify B2B merchants from industries such as fashion, jewelry, furniture, electronics, accessories, and much more. We call our theme NEO, which means new — referring to the new built-in added features that are not usually available on standard Shopify Premium Themes.


The B2B (business-to-business) Wholesale Features

NEO theme comes with features natively coded which means you don’t have to install any app from the Shopify app store. You also don’t need to custom-code any of those features.

1) Hide Price & Only Display Price for Approved Customers:

In this feature of hiding prices for B2B and merchants selling on the Wholesale Channel, the prices can be easily hidden on the theme settings. The prices can be only visible to your approved customer by simply adding the tag “approve” on the customer’s profile. The Hide price feature for B2B protects your pricing information and makes your products appear more exclusive.

The flow can simply be as follows:

  • Customers sign up with their business details
  • You would review the customer's details and confirm their eligibility for Wholesale
  • You simply add the tag “approve” to customer profile

When this B2B customer logs in to your store, then prices would visible.

2) Minimum Order Quantity & Minimum Order Value

In the new B2B & wholesale theme, the feature of setting a minimum order quantity and minimum order value can be easily edited from the theme settings. B2B customers must meet a minimum requirement in order to place an order. This helps you manage inventory and increase your average order value. NEO - The B2B theme has this feature natively built and you won't need an app to activate that.

3) Request a Quote to Replace Add to Cart

NEO B2B functionalities include a feature of hiding the add to cart. In many Wholesale transactions, placing an order can be complex. This feature replaces the Add to Cart with a Request A Quote button. This feature simplifies the ordering process and allows for a more personalized customer experience.

4) Built on Shopify 2.0

We ensured that our B2B theme features are coded on Shopify 2.0 architecture, this means you can easily modify the sections/blocks anywhere on the theme. In addition to speed optimization and responsiveness across devices.

5) Additional Useful Features for B2B (business-to-business)

In our B2B theme, we included all other standard features that are usually available on Shopify premium themes — this includes Filters, Quick View & uniquely designed sections for a unique Wholesale customer journey.


Get your NEO B2B (business-to-business) wholesale theme here.


NEO B2B (business-to-business) Theme Support

We provide best practices and support to ensure your wholesale channel is optimized for growth. For any support inquiries, you can contact us here. Also, learn more about Shopify pricing plans here.



As companies scale and look for new business opportunities, Adding a B2B channel is an essential component in growth and inventory management.


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