Often a page that gets overlooked by Shopify merchants, the Contact Us page carries a lot more weight than you might initially think. While we inject as much brand personality and careful thought into our homepages and product pages, it’s worth remembering that your Contact Us page is the channel from which your customers get in touch with you and your store, making it a highly important webpage for your Shopify online business.

The Contact Us page is also important because customers are going to have questions and concerns about products and purchases, and when there isn’t a satisfactory Contact Us page providing a convenient way to get in touch, customers become unsatisfied and turn to your competition to fulfill their wants and needs instead.

The key here is to have a two-way relationship with your customers through your Contact Us page so that when they seek to contact you or to have their questions answered, there are already measures put into place for them to reach you or find answers themselves.

Your Contact Us page plays a big role in reassuring your customers that there is someone on the other side ready to answer their questions, ease their concerns, and listen to feedback or complaints. Being available to address your customers is just one of the many ways to become a great brand that turns curious site visitors into paying customers.

In this article, we are covering the best practices for creating a Contact Us page and how to add a Contact Us page to your Shopify store in 4 easy steps.

Let’s get started.

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    Best Practices for Contact Us Pages

    The modern ecommerce website contact page consists of a contact form that customers will have to fill out, usually with their name, personal email, and the body of their message, as shown below:

    Contact Page Example

    However, crafting a great and effective Contact Us page can involve a few more elements than just listing contact details. Here are some of the best practices elements to the Contact Us page that you can add to ensure great customer service and support for your online customers:

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    1. Comprehensive Contact Information

    When it comes to contact information, make sure your Contact Us page includes all the relevant contact details. Ideally, you’ll give your customers more than one way to get in touch, including email support.

    Email remains popular among online shoppers because it is an easy and standard form of communication. Make sure to have your email information in an easy-to-find place on your shop and your contact page.

    Aside from email, you may want to consider including a business phone number, social media profile links, and physical business addresses (if applicable).


    2. Design: Stay True to Your Brand

    As with every webpage on your Shopify online store, your Contact Us page needs to stay true to the spirit and persona of your brand. Design and branding persona is a little nuanced, but it's crucial to ensure that the design remains consistent with your brand identity.

    Stay true to your brand through the color scheme and typography. You should also incorporate visual brand elements such as logos, icons, graphics, and other branded content for a consistent experience throughout your website.


    3. Simple Layout and Structure

    Contact Us pages don’t need a lot of flair, and most ecommerce websites keep this page simple, reserving all the bells and whistles for the homepage and product page.

    Keep the Contact Us page straight to the point in terms of design, prioritizing instead a clear and organized layout to minimize any confusion. You can use whitespace to avoid clutter and prioritize only the essentials, such as contact details and CTA.


    4. Clear Call to Action (CTA):

    Clear Call to Action or CTA is an ever-important element to ecommerce websites, and you should include CTA in your contact page. CTA are action-oriented phrases that help funnel customers along. Phrases like “Contact Us”, “Get Support”, or “Send Message” are popular and effective CTAs that we often use.

    The top or even bottom of the Contact Us page is a prime location to include CTA. Remember, it’s an essential element to encouraging visitors to take action, so don’t skip out on incorporating CTAs into your Contact page.


    5. Have an FAQs

    Often we see FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions in a separate webpage, but they can be quite effective when included in your contact page as well.

    FAQs save merchants a lot of time in answering customer questions and may eliminate the need for customers to contact you in the first place. To create FAQs, simply take note of the information you feel your customers will need to know, especially on shipping and delivery, common product questions, and issues.

    Your FAQ should provide all the necessary information to ease your customersmost pressing questions and concerns.


    6. Consider AI Chatbots

    We’ve all noticed by now the emergence of generative artificial intelligence and how they’ve been incorporated into the realm of ecommerce. Today, AI is poised to transform the chatbot experience, delivering quick responses to customer questions and concerns.

    Shopify has several AI chatbot apps that simulate human conversation, process information, and generate appropriate responses to satisfy customer queries.

    Check out Shopify’s list of 10 Best AI Chatbots for Business.


    Effective Contact Us Page Tips

    Aside from the best practices elects we have highlighted above, consider these Contact Us page tips to optimize your Contact Us page for maximum impact:


    1. Optimize Visibility:

    Have you ever set about to look for an ecommerce website’s Contact Us page only to take longer than usual to navigate to it? It’s certainly less than ideal and a little frustrating to say the least. To minimize friction with customers, ensure your Contact Us page is easily visible and accessible. You can do this by prominently featuring it as part of the main navigation menu at the header or footer of your website.


    2. Create a Welcoming Atmosphere:

    Infuse a sense of welcome and approachability into your Contact Us page. You can do this with welcoming language like  "We're here to help!" or "We love hearing from you." You can also do this with inviting colors, reassuring customers, and encouraging visitors to engage with your brand.


    3. Define Page Goals:

    Customize your Contact Us page to serve the specific objectives of your brand, whether it's providing customer support or facilitating sales. or scheduling a conference Zoom call or sales inquiry with your clients. Additionally, if you aim to schedule appointments or sales inquiry calls, you should consider integrating a scheduling tool directly into your Contact Us page for seamless bookings.


    How to Add a Contact Us Page on Shopify

    For Shopify store owners, adding a Contact Us page is a simple process that takes 4 steps. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Navigate to Online Store > Pages in your Shopify admin dashboard:

    Adding a Contact US page

    2. Click on "Add Page" and enter a title to your Contact US page:

    Adding a page on Shopify

    3. Customize the page content and choose "contact" from the theme template drop down menu you'll see on the right side.

    4. Save your changes when you are satisfied, and your Contact Us page is ready to go.

    Select Contact Template

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    It’s time to put some more thought into your Contact Us page. Just as every page in your ecommerce website is important, the Contact Us page is essential because it fosters positive customer interaction, which is just one of the many things you can do to make your online brand great.

    In this article, we highlighted the best practices for creating a great Contact Us page on Shopify and how to add a Contact Us page to your Shopify store.

    Just remember that your Contact Us page isn't just a formality—it's a valuable resource that can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction and brand perception.

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