For a thriving online business in 2024, choosing the best Shopify 2.0 theme is your key to long-term success.

Shopify reigns supreme as the ecommerce platform of choice in 2024, powering more than 4 million of the world’s online businesses, from startups to major companies like Gymshark, Staples, Kylie Cosmetics, Tesla and much more. The ecommerce solution attracts brands through its user-friendly interface, scalability, powerful features, and beautifully designed ecommerce-optimized themes and layouts.

Shopify themes address the ever-vital role of design in the success of online stores. For all online stores and websites, design is paramount. Studies reveal that a staggering 75% of consumers make judgments on an online business’s credibility and trustworthiness based on its website design.

Online store visitors bounce from poorly designed websites, and that’s where a stellar Shopify theme steps in to save you from an unprofessional-looking ecommerce website.

Remember, a well-designed theme goes beyond aesthetics. It also fosters a seamless user experience, a crucial factor for customer satisfaction and ultimately, your online store's success.

In this article, we are covering 5 of Shopify’s top 2.0 themes, so that you can select the best for a successful online business in 2024 and beyond.


What are Shopify Themes?

Shopify Themes are, simply put, the template or layout on which you build your online store on Shopify. It is the visual and functional foundation of your website. Each Shopify theme meets a high standard when it comes to design and function, providing you with a pre-designed framework that you can customize to fit your specific business needs as well as your brand’s aesthetics. Shopify themes are packed with built-in features, highly optimized for selling online, and are covered by long-term reliable support.

When you explore the Shopify Theme Store, youll be able to find themes designed for both small and large businesses, and themes for all niches in fashion, electronics, health and beauty, and so much more. You can choose from Shopify’s variety of 184 themes, 12 of which are free, all designed with different styles and industries in mind.

It’s important to remember that the Shopify theme you select can influence how your products are displayed, how customers navigate and interact with your store, and the overall shopping experience.

When it comes to customization, Shopify themes are customizable, allowing you to modify colors, and fonts, integrate branding elements such as logos, and much more, allowing you to achieve your desired look and feel.


How to Choose a Shopify Theme:

Choosing a Shopify theme for your online store is one of the most exciting steps in building an online store, but it’s also vital that you select the right one, since it can affect the look, feel, and function of your online store.

When choosing a theme, you need to consider industry first, and thankfully, the Shopify theme store helps you filter themes for specific industries, facilitating your search for a theme tailored to your niche.

Moreover, one needs to consider customer's preferences; a clean, modern theme might appeal to young and tech-savvy shoppers, while a cozy, rustic design might attract those seeking handcrafted items.

Aside from considering the industry and the preferences of your target customers, you may also want to consider price. There are both free and premium Shopify themes, with premium paid themes starting at a one-time purchase of $170, and up to $400. It’s important to note that most Shopify premium themes offer unlimited free trials with the one-time payment coming into effect once you publish your store.

When it comes to choosing and customizing a Shopify theme, there is also the option of hiring a Shopify Expert to help you select and customize a theme for professional results that perfectly suit your brand and target audience. Many Shopify Experts also offer Custom Shopify Theme Development for a more tailored experience.

Remember, that when selecting the best Shopify theme for your online business you should:

  • Select a theme that matches your industry
  • Target audience preferences
  • Consider the price for a one-time purchase theme
  • Consider hiring a Shopify Expert for a tailored theme design (optional)

Below we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Shopify 2.0 themes for ecommerce websites in 2024. The list is designed to help you select the very best of Shopify’s themes, so you can make the most of your ecommerce venture:


Symmetry Theme Screenshot

 1. Symmetry by Clean Canvas Ltd

Powerful, flexible, and beautiful, the Symmetry Shopify theme stands out as one of the top-selling Shopify themes offered by Clean Canvas Ltd and is also one of the top-selling themes of all time on the Shopify Theme Store! This theme exudes a high-end aesthetic and is known for appealing to chic online brands and is particularly popular among businesses in fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and the like.

Positioned as a flexible theme with premium features, Symmetry is celebrated for its adaptable contemporary design and customizable features, not to mention its polished appearance. It’s designed for online stores that seek a high-end look and feel, packed with a plethora of potent features aimed at elevating your brand’s online experience.

Equipped with an incredible selection of highly customizable features and packed with expertly delivered sections, Symmetry’s developers have ensured that merchants have access to cutting-edge settings and functionalities to tailor their stores to perfection.

Symmetry also boasts some of the most powerful and versatile product and content presentation sections all delivered through exceptional user experience principles.

While particularly suitable for fashion stores, Symmetry's professional design makes it equally appealing to merchants across various industries who aim to enhance their online sales performance and customer engagement through a beautifully crafted theme designed to create unparalleled online shopping experiences. One of the most important aspects of this theme is that it is created, and maintained, to the impeccable standards that Clean Canvas is famous for.

Price: USD 360 one-time purchase

Great for: Fashion, jewelry and accessories, health and beauty, cosmetics, sports and recreation, outdoor and garden, and home and decor.

Top Features:

  • A top-selling professional theme with refined chic design and, a graceful shopping experience, built by one of the longest-serving and most successful Shopify Theme Partners, Clean Canvas
  • A huge range of highly versatile and powerful sections allows for unparalleled amount of customization
  • Built with a host of promotional and conversion-focused features such as Countdown timers and other features that remove the need for apps and additional expense
  • Beautifully crafted, unique, and easy-to-set-up product display sections such as Shop the Look, Image Hotspot, and many many more


Enterprise Theme Screenshot

 2. Enterprise by Clean Canvas Ltd

The Enterprise theme by Clean Canvas Ltd was designed with a clear goal at its core, unparalleled speed for better conversion.

Enterprise is one of the fastest-selling themes on the Shopify Theme Store today. The theme has been setting a new benchmark in online store performance, with its promise to revolutionize the way businesses sell online, emphasizing a frictionless shopping experience with faster transactions that lead to increased sales.

To successfully realize the theme’s emphasis on speed and efficiency, the developers of Enterprise worked to eliminate the need for external applications, with sales features like flash messages, sticky Add to Cart buttons, and tailored popups already integrated into the theme, effectively removing your need for additional apps. This approach to Shopify themes not only simplifies the store setup process for merchants but also ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Overall, the Enterprise theme offers a streamlined solution for online businesses that value speed and efficiency, maximizing their online sales potential to sell faster and even more.

Price: USD 380 one-time purchase

Great for: High-volume businesses,  home and decor, tech gadgets and electronics, specialty equipment stores, and more.

Top Features:

  • Designed for a large inventory store but built for pure speed
  • Comprehensive built-in features reduce the need for apps and save a lot of additional expense
  • Tailored for drop shippers and high-volume stores
  • Extensive marketing and conversion tools
  • Versatile merchandising options
  • Enhanced product discovery features
  • Built by one of the most experienced and successful Shopify Theme Partners, Clean Canvas


Impulse Theme Screenshot

 3. Impulse by Archetype Themes

Impulse is a popular Shopify theme that looks modern and sleek, designed with a clean and minimalist vibe that makes a big impact on the overall online shopping experience.

Right off the bat, when you explore the theme’s demo, you should immediately notice Impulse’s strong promotion features. They go beyond aesthetics to prioritize conversions with their strategic placement of promotional banners, flash sale functionalities and calls to action that guide site traffic efficiently along the sales funnel.

More than just another pretty Shopify theme layout, Impulse boasts its flexibility in customization options, allowing you to tailor your store experience. Their wide-ranging customization option also allows you to tailor the theme's color scheme, fonts, and layouts to perfectly match your brand. This ensures your online store reflects your brand’s unique personality and resonates with your target audience.

While Impulse caters effectively to high-volume stores with a vast category of products, it scales down beautifully to smaller boutique-sized online stores, making it a truly versatile choice for both large-scale and small-scale online businesses.

Archetype Themes, the developers behind Impulse, designed the theme to have over 20 customizable sections that empower shops using that theme to create unique pages and personalized shopping experiences for your customers. With the theme intuitive design that is carefully crafted for commerce, Impulse streamlines the store creation process, allowing you to launch your online business swiftly, a business equipped with a powerful design and strong selling features.

PRICE: 380 USD  one-time payment

GREAT FOR: Youthful brands, fashion, jewelry and accessories, home and decor

Top Features:

  • Clean and minimal design with high-quality product visuals 
  • 20+ customizable sections
  • Mobile optimization features that ensure a smooth shopping experience across all devices.
  • Conversion-oriented features with strategic placement of promotional elements and CTO.
  • Highly customizable layout.
  • A flexible theme suited for both large and small catalog businesses.
  • Focuses on fast loading times for a seamless shopping experience.


Impact Theme Screenshot

4. Impact by Maestrooo

Impact by Maestrooo is an aptly named theme for Shopify businesses that want to make a major impact through a visual and feature-rich online store design.

Impact achieves this effect through a modern aesthetic that captures user attention through the use of bold color gradients,  big headings, and subtle animations that bring your brand to life. Explore the theme demo and you’ll be immediately captured by the theme’s color and typography-oriented design that is made for grabbing and keeping the attention of site visitors.

The theme’s extensive customization option empowers store owners to create unique storefronts with over 35 customizable sections, giving you everything you need to make your store stand out in the eyes of your customers.

Conversion optimization is the central focus of the Impact Shopify theme, with persistent “Quick Add” buttons and features like sticky add to cart, and product recommendations displayed alongside individual items, which help increase customer order value. 

This theme is pretty flexible and adapts to various store types, including those with extensive text content for editorial purposes, high-volume businesses, and stores that prioritize impactful visual storytelling through high-quality images. If you want a theme that seriously highlights your product and catalogs, you can’t go wrong with Impact.

PRICE: 380 USD  one-time payment

GREAT FOR: Fashion, electronics and gadgets, home and decor, health and beauty, specialty boutiques.

Top Features:

  • Modern and impactful design
  • 35+ customizable sections
  • Optimization for conversion with quick buy and sticky add-to-cart features
  • Designed for editorial content and brand storytelling
  • Suitable for high-volume stores with optimized performance
  • Comprehensive marketing and conversion tools including blogs, cross-selling, and customizable contact forms
  • Support for EU translations in multiple languages
  • Enhanced product discovery features like mega menu and product filtering


Prestige Theme Screenshot

5.  Prestige by Maestrooo

Prestige by Maestrooo stands out as a premium theme for online Shopify businesses and is a top-notch choice for brands that want to give off an air of luxury and sophistication through meticulous design.

Every element of the theme’s design, from the carefully chosen fonts to the layout and color scheme, is expertly crafted to give the ultimate luxury high-end aesthetic, bringing forth an image of prestige and exclusivity. The design and layout of Prestige are made to elegantly highlight your products and brand identity, allowing your brand and its products to shine. The theme also features elegant animations and apparition effects, along with unique button transitions that work together to capture your audience.

This theme is undoubtedly one of the best out there when it comes to fashion and accessories online stores, with a conversion-optimized product page that is media-focused, making it ideal for showing off the very best details of your premium products. Functionality like a slide-out cart, color swatches, and image zoom further enhances the user experience as they shop around your store.

Optimized to a nano-second, Prestige is a theme that uses hand-crafted code to maximize performance, effectively minimizes reflows, battery consumption, and CPU usage.

Accessibility is also a top priority in the theme’s design, with keyboard navigation and alternative text ensuring your store is up to par with accessibility standards. For an unparalleled online store shopping experience, Prestige is the top choice for ambitious and luxury brands.

GREAT FOR: Premium brands, fashion, jewelry and accessories, editorial content.

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment

  • Premium and elegant design
  • 25+ customizable sections
  • Elegant animations for engaging buyer experience
  • Luxurious aesthetic to showcase products and brand
  • Ultimate flexibility in navigation with multiple layouts
  • Ready for global e-commerce with RTL language support
  • Countdown section to boost sales
  • Powerful filtering for easy product browsing
  • Increase conversion rate with expertly crafted features



Choosing the right Shopify 2.0 theme will be one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when it comes to the design and function of your online store on Shopify. A well-designed theme not only enhances the visual experience of your online store but also plays a crucial role in establishing trust, brand credibility, and the overall shopping experience.

Whether you opt for Symmetry for its chic design, Enterprise for its unparalleled speed and efficiency, Impulse for its modern aesthetic and conversion-focused features, Impact for its visual impact and customization options, or Prestige for its luxurious and sophisticated air, each theme offers unique traits that are going to elevate your online store and boost sales.

With careful consideration of your brand and its goals, you can create a compelling online store with a Shopify theme that will help you drive long-term success. 

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Shopify Themes FAQ


1. What are Shopify Themes?

Shopify Themes serve as the visual framework and foundation of your online store, providing a pre-designed layout that you can customize to fit your brand aesthetics and online business needs. Shopify themes are packed with built-in features, are all highly optimized for selling online, and are supported by reliable long-term assistance.


2. How do I Choose a Shopify Theme?

When selecting a Shopify theme, consider your industry, target audience preferences, and budget. Filter themes based on your industry, understand your customer's preferences, and consider the benefits of free versus premium themes. You can also hire a Shopify Expert who can provide tailored theme design for an even more unique Shopify online store experience for your brand and its customers.


3. Why Choose Symmetry by Clean Canvas Ltd Stand Out?

Symmetry is Shopify’s top-selling theme. It has a chic design that is great for fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry brands. It provides a flexible layout with premium features, customizable sections, and powerful product presentation options that help you highlight everything your brand has to offer.


4. Why Choose Enterprise by Clean Canvas Ltd?

Enterprise prioritizes speed and efficiency with the goal of enhancing the sales of high-volume businesses. With comprehensive built-in features, it eliminates the need for additional apps, enhancing the shopping experience and maximizing your sales potential to its fullest.


5. Why Choose Impulse by Archetype Themes Unique?

Impulse boasts a modern, minimalist design with strong promotion features aimed at conversion optimization. Its flexibility in customization options allows it to cater to a variety of industries, providing a seamless shopping experience across all devices.


6. Why Choose Impact by Maestrooo?

Impact features a modern design focused on conversion optimization and brand storytelling through a visual and feature-rich online store. The theme is designed for editorial content and brand storytelling through high-quality images.


7. Why Choose Prestige by Maestrooo?

Prestige is renowned for its premium design and is ideal for luxury brands seeking to give off an air of sophistication and exclusivity. With a conversion-optimized product page and elegant animations, it highlights product details and enhances the user experience.


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