What sets your online store apart?

 In today’s digital world where competition is tight, having a captivating online website is a must for Shopify online businesses that want to see their brands thrive.

But what truly sets your store apart from the countless others? The answer: a stunning and functional theme that reflects your brand's unique identity and compels shoppers to remain engaged as they navigate your shop from the landing page to checkout.

With Shopify’s extensive collection of website themes to choose from, Shopify has been helping brands flourish online by allowing them to showcase products in the best possible light, converting website visitors into loyal customers. 

This article by Ecommerce Pro dives deep into the world of Shopify themes, focusing on one the top Shopify 2.0 themes - Symmetry by Clean Canvas, a highly experienced top-rated theme developer and their flagship theme. We’ll first explore what Shopify themes are before delving into Clean Canvas and highlighting the noteworthy features that could make Symmetry the right theme to elevate your online storefront and turn casual browsers into engaged paying customers.


What are Shopify themes?

Think of Shopify themes as the building blocks for your online store. They provide a starting point and canvas for your store's design and functionality. They are more than just a template as they provide a foundation from where you can build your online store.

Shopify themes are configurable, giving you enough leeway and control to be able to customize the theme to fit the needs and aesthetics of your brand.

Today, you can select from 12 free themes and 176 paid themes on the Shopify Theme Store, all of which you can customize to fit your specific brand and needs. 

Every theme on the Shopify theme store meets a high standard, but some themes stand out due to increased functionalities, level of expertise, and quality of support . You’ll find that some themes, more than others, are designed for conducting business online at the level of the highest efficiency, packed with built-in features, and long-term guaranteed quality support.

However, themes are built with specific brand needs in mind and are filtered by characteristics like industry, catalog size, and features. This makes it easier for online store owners to find the right fit for their brand. 

That’s why it’s important to delve deeper into features of the specific themes and the expertise of their developers.

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About Clean Canvas

Clean Canvas Ltd is a Shopify theme development company and one of the longest serving Shopify Theme Store Partners. Clean Canvas have been designing and producing some of the very best and most downloaded Shopify themes to date. They specialize in creating high-quality, expertly built, conversion-focused themes. Clean Canvas’ signature characteristics lie in its clean professional designs, ease of use, and powerful features. The fact that their premium theme Symmetry is the one of the most downloaded themes on the Shopify theme store since its release in 2015 is a testament to their dedication to performance.

Clean Canvas offers a variety of themes for different types of businesses, store types and inventory size. Their exceptional range of themes showcase demo versions to show how they can be configured to best suit certain industries including fashion, electronics, and home goods. Besides Symmetry, Clean Canvas also offers a varied catalog of premium themes including Canopy, Boost, and Alchemy.

Explore more themes by Clean Canvas.


About Symmetry Theme & Its Features  

Symmetry is a premium Shopify 2.0 theme by Clean Canvas Ltd with designs and features centered on powerful performance, flexibility, and beauty. It’s worth noting that Symmetry is one of the top-selling Shopify themes of all time on the Shopify Theme store, a clear go-to for many of Shopify’s fast-growing online businesses.

When it comes to design, Symmetry is a versatile, fashionable, and professional theme built with a huge range of premium features. The theme’s aesthetic lends a high-end appeal to store design, making it the ideal choice for online fashion boutiques, cosmetic brands, and jewelry stores. 

However, with Symmetry’s versatile design built for visual storytelling, the theme is great for all brands that want to focus on powerful imagery and elegant style making it also ideal for businesses such as art galleries, homeware stores featuring lifestyle photography, or even tech companies showcasing their latest tech in action. Designed for stores that present a large number of products, this theme is also designed with high-inventory stores in mind.

Symmetry is renowned for its adaptability in design, jam-packed with customizable features that will give your brand the professional and high-end feel you desire. Equipped with an incredible selection of highly customizable features and intuitive drag-and-drop sections, Symmetry empowers brands to build stores that reflect the very soul and personality of their business.

Symmetry is a theme built with the incredible dedication to quality and detail that Clean Canvas are well known for, ensuring expert support, a smooth user experience, and top-notch performance to boost your online sales.


How much does Symmetry by Clean Canvas Cost?

The Symmetry theme on the Shopify Theme store costs USD 380. This is a one-time purchase,  meaning you pay upfront and get lifetime access to the theme with free updates and dedicated support from the Clean Canvas team.

Clean Canvas offers a theme trial, so you can try the theme for as long as you wish while you design your store before you commit to purchasing the theme.


The Symmetry Theme is great for: 

The Symmetry Theme offers a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, making it ideal for brands in fashion, jewelry and accessories, health and beauty, cosmetics stores, sports and recreation, outdoor and garden, and home and decor. The theme is versatile and can truly be utilized by all brands that want sleek and professional outcomes for the design of their online stores.

It is a versatile theme that is well-suited for a wide range of businesses, including high-volume stores, stores that want a highly professional brand appearance, and stores looking to focus on visual storytelling.


Symmetry Theme Top Features:

  • A top-selling professional theme with a refined chic design and seamless shopping experience by Clean Canvas, a top Shopify Theme Partner.

  • Wide range of customizable sections for unmatched flexibility in customization and design.

  • Conversion-focused features like Countdown timers, reduce the need for extra apps and expenses.

  • Beautifully crafted product display sections including Shop the Look and Image Hotspot for easy setup and unique presentation, and so much more.

  • Designed and built by one of the world’s leading official Shopify Theme Partners.



What is Symmetry theme?

Symmetry is a premium Shopify 2.0 theme by Clean Canvas. It’s one of Shopify’s best-selling themes to date. Symmetry is known for its versatility, powerful features, and high-end design.

Is Symmetry theme a good fit for my Shopify store?

Symmetry is well-suited for a wide range of online businesses, including fashion, cosmetics, homeware, and even tech. It's ideal for stores that prioritize visual storytelling and high-volume sales.

How much does Symmetry theme cost?

Symmetry costs USD 380 as a one-time purchase on the Shopify Theme Store. 

Does Symmetry theme offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try the theme before you commit to a purchase.

Is Symmetry theme easy to customize?

Yes, Symmetry is known for its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop sections, making customization simple.

Do apps integrate well with the Symmetry theme?

Symmetry works seamlessly with the most popular Shopify apps.

What kind of support does Clean Canvas offer?

Clean Canvas are known for their high-quality dedicated support to Symmetry users, including documentation, user guides, AI support widget, and more direct contact through their support contact form.

Does Symmetry theme receive updates?

Yes, Symmetry receives regular updates with new features and bug fixes. As a customer, you'll have free access to these regular updates.


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