A theme designed to showcase a handmade jewelry brand.

Discover an affordable luxury designed and handcrafted jewelry brand based in Massachusetts.

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    Loni Paul X Ecommerce Pro

    • Found in Massachusetts, Loni Paul is behind an affordable luxury designed and handcrafted jewelry brand. Inspired by the search for high-quality materials that embody underlying meaning, every design choice made was with intention.

    • Ecommerce Pro team was hired to build the online presence of Loni Paul jewelry brand on Shopify. A website that has all-in-one features to convert traffic with powerful promotional tools. This flexible, fashionable, and the proven theme is designed to grow the ecommerce store audience.

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    Jewelry Store

    Loni Paul Jewelry

    Shopify Premium Theme

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    • " The Ecommerce Pro team was amazing. The communication was spot on and the follow through was impeccable.  They understood my brand and implemented a website that exceeds my expectations in every regard. I received new orders on the first day that the website was launched! "

      Loni P., Founder