Uniquely populated with a carefully curated and exciting variety of products

  • Caravan shop products are made to suit the taste and sensibilities of lovers of up and coming designs, modern innovation, and vintage all-time classics.

Caravan Shop X Ecommerce Pro

  • Ecommerce Pro was assigned by Caravan team to explore the best design layouts for its unique identity and products. We chose a sharp, minimalistic layout that helped products stand out.

  • We worked along with the team to upload products and set them at the right categories. We added "Gift Wrap" option for products for a more personalized shopping and gifting experience.

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Why Instagram Feed is important for your online store?

  • If you have a great instagram feed, adding it on your homepage would create trust and a social proof for you business specifically if you're brand in new.


  • "My experience with Ecommerce Pro was very positive. As a team, they are very professional and efficient."

    Farah S., Founder of Caravan Shop

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