A Shopify theme that is designed with all the features needed to succeed.

  • Discover the world’s first in-shoe rehabilitative strengthening system website on Shopify.

Features & Functionalities

  • Responsive Premium Theme

    Bare Foot Science website was redesigned using a modern Shopify theme that offers rich functionalities and upgraded user-experience.

  • Powerful Promotional Tools

    The website theme offers powerful, features and designed to incentivize sales. A theme that is made to convert mobile traffic with the Quick view and Add-to-cart features.

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Barefoot Science X Ecommerce Pro

  • Ecommerce Pro team was hired to redesign Bare Foot Science website on Shopify.

  • A website that has all-in-one features to convert traffic with powerful promotional tools. This flexible, fashionable and proven theme designed to grow ecommerce store audience.

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What is a Quick view feature on Shopify?

  • Quick view is an ecommerce feature designed to allow website users to view more details for a product via an overlay window.

  • The importance of this feature is that it enables visitors to view product details — on a category page, a cart, or any other page — without a page refresh. This gives the user the ability to view different products with the details on one page.

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