Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms to date for setting up and managing an online store in 2023 but given how fiercely competitive ecommerce can be, choosing the right tools to manage your online store makes all the difference in how well you run your business and handle its daily tasks.

One of the tools we feel is greatly overlooked is right here on your browser, particularly Google Chrome and its wide array of Extensions.

Google Chrome has held the long-running title of most popular web browser for years. You’re probably on Chrome right now, for both casual browsing and running your Shopify online store.

Because of just how often we use it, the potential of web browsers and Google Chrome Extensions is something we can easily take for granted.

What is a Google Chrome Extension? Google Chrome Extensions are essentially programs you can install on the Google browser to improve and customize its functions to suit you and your needs. With the right Google Chrome extension, you can gain that much-needed competitive advantage and optimize your Shopify business for next-level success.


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So to help you get started on exploring the world of Google Chrome extensions for Shopify store owners, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions, in no particular order, that you can use as tools to manage your time and online business better.

Here are our picks:


keyword surfer chrome app

1. Keyword Surfer

Keyword research is an essential element of an effective ecommerce SEO strategy, as it helps identify market demand for specific products or content. A free tool and Google Chrome Extension, Keyword Surfer allows you to generate keyword ideas and see search volumes directly from your Google Search Results.

All Shopify online business owners know how important SEO and keyword research is to any successful content and marketing strategy for all online businesses, and Keyword Surfer is a valuable and free alternative for those who cannot afford a paid SEO tool, although their more elaborate services involve a yearly paid plan.


seo minion chrome app 

2. SEO Minion

If you’re looking for another tool to help you with your Shopify website or online store’s SEO performance, SEO Minion is worth checking out. Another free Google Chrome Extension, this browser extension helps users create high-quality content that ranks well in search engine results pages, (SERPs). With SEO Minion, you can analyze web pages for SEO, check for broken website links, preview your website on a real Google search result, and see how your content might appear, which you’ll be able to update in real time.


loom chrome app

3. Loom

Are you looking for a fantastic video communication tool that makes it simple to shoot and distribute video messages to your Shopify store team? Managing your Shopify website or online business is made simpler with Loom, another popular Google Chrome Extension, especially if you work with a remote team and want to improve communication. Users of Loom can make screen-recorded videos describing concepts or walking through processes. Following that, the video can be distributed to multiple team members or clients.  Loom is great because it simplifies communication by allowing users to simply demonstrate directly to team members how a process is done.


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lastpass chrome app

4. LastPass

Worried you’ll forget your passwords? As it were, it can be pretty hard to remember all of your passwords and keep your online business secure. Users of the popular password management tool LastPass only need to remember one master password to gain access to all other passwords because the browser extension allows users to safely store all of their login information for various websites and applications. This makes creating strong and distinctive passwords for each site simple without worrying about forgetting. In addition, LastPass offers two-factor authentication for even more secure logins across numerous devices.


 similar web chrome app

5. Similar Web

Think of the Similar Web Google Chrome Extension tool as a competitive intelligence tool that gives you a 360 view of your industry, competitors, and customers. With this browser extension, you’ll be able to get some valuable insights into your website's traffic, as well as your competitors’.  The Chrome extension can help you understand how your audience interacts with your Shopify website or store, or your competitors, giving you ideas on how to improve your online performance overall.


 wappalyzer chrome app

6. Wappalyzer

Curious about what web technologies your competitors or other online brands are using? Like a detective for the web, Wappalyzer is a Google Chrome extension and web application that can help you identify the different technologies used by the websites you visit and wish to analyze. With Wappalyzer, you can get valuable insight into the technology stack of any website, including the CMS, ecommerce platform, analytics tools, advertising networks, and more. This web extension is great for competitor analysis!


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workona chrome app

7. Workona

Need help getting organized? An excellent productivity tool, Workona is a browser extension and top tool made to help you manage workspace organization, boosting your team and individual output. If you find yourself with your work scattered across different tabs and cloud storage, Workona will help you get organized. With the Workona Workspace, you’ll have everything related to a particular project from tabs, documents, notes, tasks, and resources from all your cloud apps in one space. Thanks to Workona's integrations with well-known applications like Google Drive, Slack, Trello, and Asana, you and your team can access and manage all work-related apps and documents in a single centralized location.


momentum chrome app

8. Momentum

There are many distractions on the web, and if you find yourself being constantly derailed from the day’s work, Momentum is the Google Chrome Extension for you. This top browser extension for productivity transforms your New Tab button on Chrome into a personal dashboard that serves as a reminder of your primary daily objective, helping you build momentum by managing your to-do list and essential work-related links. Every time you click on New Tab, you’ll see all the important objectives of your day. The new tab page in Chrome is the one you open most frequently while exploring the internet, making it prime real estate for a prompt to get to work.

Although the add-on is free, you can access features like a concentrated mode and timer with the subscription plan.


grammarly chrome app

9. Grammarly

Need help with copy editing? Grammarly is the perfect answer for quickly checking your spelling, and grammar, and correcting wordy sentences when you write blog posts, emails, and product descriptions for your Shopify business. The Grammarly add-on for Chrome is free and it's highly valued for highlighting and correcting writing mistakes and typos, offering users support when writing and publishing content online. This ensures your blog posts, email marketing campaigns, and web copy stays professional and typo-free. Grammarly also offers more advanced premium features for a monthly fee.


evernote chrome app

10. Evernote Web Clipper

Organize your notes with the Evernote Web Clipper Google Chrome Extension. With this top Chrome browser add-on, you can easily save and organize content from websites and save them directly to your Evernote account for later use or reference with the handy Evernote Web Clipper. The Web Clipper assists you in keeping track of all those insightful observations and things you learn on the web in a tidy and structured manner. This is especially helpful if you're the type of person who does a lot of research and uses information from various sources.



In 2023, entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from using Google Chrome Extensions like the top 10 mentioned above. With these extensions, you can accomplish so much for free, from saving time in running your business and conducting research to filling in those talent gaps with handy, supportive tools.

Explore some of these Google Chrome Extensions mentioned above and, trust us, you won’t be able to imagine your work days without them.


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