Shopify rolls out new updates every month to keep its merchants and developers ahead of the curb.

This fall, Shopify continues to evolve and innovate its services to deliver a better experience to its community of merchants and partners, helping them better serve millions of online shoppers and enthusiasts of their brand or business. In October 2023, we’re seeing a basket of new updates and enhancements to the Shopify platform right before the holiday season—something we can all be excited about.

In this article by Ecommerce Pro, we’re diving into the new updates and enhancements, featuring the key highlights of the latest Shopify update of October 2023.

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1. Swift & Seamless One-Page Checkout

With Shopify holding the spot for having one of the best checkouts in ecommerce, Shopify has gone ahead and given the checkout process a fresh makeover with an advanced one-page checkout experience, effectively removing friction from checkout. The new one-page checkout is shorter, faster, and intuitive, ensuring a smoother journey from landing page to conversion for your online customers.

Extensibility-based customizations are fully compatible with the new one-page checkout.

Learn more about the redesigned checkout


2. Admin Extensions Now Generally Available

Admin Extensions are now generally available, allowing your apps to integrate with the Shopify admin seamlessly. This empowers Shopify merchants to interact with apps from the admin, all without having to switch contexts.

With this new update, admin action extensions will automatically match the Shopify admin's look and feel, giving merchants a familiar and consistent experience when they deal with apps, helping you keep a consistent and familiar workflow that contributes to a better merchant experience overall. 

Learn More about Admin Action Extensions


3. Hydrogen Builds: New Updates & Resources

Since the launch of Hydrogen and Oxygen over a year ago, Shopify’s headless commerce stack continues to evolve. This update is exciting for developers who can accelerate development with built-in Shopify features critical to conversion.

Discover the world of Hydrogen


4. Shopify Functions: Customize Shopify Backends

Another exciting update for developers, functionality gets a leg up with Shopify Functions, which now offers improvements to input queries and configuration. Shopify Functions allow developers to customize the backend logic of Shopify. 

Now, the development process gets easier with new values in the GraphQL schema, including shop and localTime, alongside enhanced function configuration. Localization support is also introduced, allowing functions to be displayed in the merchant's native language.

Learn more about the enhanced Shopify Functions


5. App Store Listings Accessibility: More Languages Added

In a bid to make the Shopify App Store more accessible globally to speakers of other languages, all English-language primary app listings can now automatically be translated to Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish. This update is set to enhance the international merchant experience, with Shopify expecting to see a 20% boost in app installations.

Explore the multilingual capabilities of App Store listings


6. New Tools for App Translation

According to Shopify, over one in five of their merchants are operating in languages other than English, prompting an update that introduces tools and partners for app translation.

Because of this need to accommodate speakers of other languages, you can use the i18n-ally extension for Visual Studio Code to reduce the time required in preparing your apps code for translation. Shopify has also partnered with Lokalise to ensure i18n-ally compatibility with Shopifys translation file format.

Learn more about internationalizing your app


7. New Partners in the Plus Certified App Program

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program has since increased its ranks in October with the announcement that they have partnered up with more groups of certified partners through its Plus Certified App Program.

The new category of partners spans various categories, including Advertising Technology, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Fraud and Risk Management, Personalization, Upsell and checkout Conversion, and the new category, Order Tracking. This initiative on Shopify’s part ensures that Shopify Plus merchants continue to get high-quality solutions to business challenges.

Explore the Shopify Plus Certified App Program


8. App Bridge Advancements: New APIs for Enhanced Functionality

October sees Shopify rolling out new advancements to App Bridge, the JavaScript SDK for Embedded Apps, which provides access to data and UI rendering within the Shopify Admin. 

The latest version of App Bridge introduces new APIs for Print, Scanner, and Share functionalities. These new introductions are designed to simplify both print and share APIs based on web standards, all to enhance the overall experience of developers.

Checkout Shopify’s Bridge Library reference


9. Shopify Audiences V2.1: Cut Customer Acquisition Cost

With  Shopify Audiences V2.1, Shopify is confident that they can cut customer acquisition costs by up to 50%. Shopify Audiences V2.1 is designed to help Shopify merchants find more customers and maximize their marketing efforts in the form of ads, thereby minimizing the cost of customer acquisition

Shopify Audiences helps you get your ads in front of the right people with custom audience lists that help you optimize your ad performances across different platforms.

Download the Shopify Audiences Partner Toolkit


10. Peak Season-Ready: BFCM and Holiday Season Resources

Shopify has set itself up for the biggest shopping peaks of 2023, namely BFCM and the Holiday season that is fast approaching. Check out the Shopify Academy course, a course designed to help you through the peak seasons of online shipping in 2023. You can register to take the course or download the Peak Season 2023 partner guide at the link below.

Access the Peak Season 2023 resources


Shopify continues to be a trailblazer in the realm of ecommerce, keeping merchants and developers ahead of the curb when it comes to ecommerce trends and innovations.

To keep yourself up-to-date, follow the Shopify Blog along with the Ecommerce Pro Blog for the latest Shopify News and Advice.


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