The About Us page is where people come to learn more about you and what you do. It is where you introduce yourself to all of your prospective customers, and where they go to ask themselves if your business is worth trusting and if you are capable of providing them with the services they need. It is where they go to make an impression and to evaluate your authenticity and quality.

This is why you need to absolutely nail the About Us page. If your About Us is a patchwork job of your company’s vision and mission speckled with stock photos of people working in a random office, then you are seriously undermining the potential of the About Us feature to turn your website’s visitors into your customers.

What Should Your "About Us" Page Achieve?

Think of an About Us page as a form of introduction. It is important that you make the right impression—a good impression that will last. An About page is a personal and direct marketing tool that provides your customers with relevant facts about you and what you do. Here you should communicate your business’s strong values, values that your prospective clients will find attractive and affirming.

An About Us page should contain all of the information that your prospective clients need to hear so that you can convert them into customers who want to purchase your products and services—you are a business after all, and this is what you do, and your About Us page is a tool to help you achieve this.

So how do we maximize your About Us page’s potential? Below we have compiled a helpful list of what we know are the characteristics of an effective About Us. Use this guide to build your own About Us page, or to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of your current one. This guide will give you all the tips on how to make a killer About Us.

State Who You Are and What You Do

Who are you and what do you do? This is the whole purpose of the About Us page, it’s to relay your unique identity as a business and to let your clients know what goods and services you can provide them with. To effectively achieve this, you need to answer all the essential questions about who you are first. For instance, you need to make these next few items very clear:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why you do it
  • Why you’re good
  • What’s in it for your customers

This is so that your potential client sees that you are trustworthy and capable of providing a service. The next step is to explain what goods and services your business provides. This may seem like an obvious one, of course, you have to let your customers know about your services, but you have to do it in such a way that it is clear, simple, and immediately understood. You don’t want to leave your web visitors unsure about what it is your business does, because they will most certainly leave and forget about you.

To do this, don’t just slap jargon down onto your About Us page to appear professional, instead, explain in simple, direct terms the central function of your business. Flowery language isn’t strictly necessary here; just make sure that your viewers will have a quick grasp of what it is you and your business does.

Include Humanizing Aspects

People trust people, and naturally, feel more comfortable when they can associate the services being provided for them to real people and real faces. If you can put a face to your business or include the faces of your staff, then you will be able to build some rapport with your clients from your about page.

People are less likely to feel connected to a business website that does not contain any humanizing aspects or qualities. Websites that are all words feel more distant. People need to know that there are real, live people behind these sites.

Including pictures of your staff, even one group photo can create a feeling of trust and credibility for your potential customer. If you are running a one-person show, including a winning photo of yourself in your About Me page will show clients that you are a real person, and also boost their trust in you.

Tell Your Story

People love stories. If you can tell the story of your business and how you got where you are today then this will make your business appear more relatable and trustworthy. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out tale. You can simply add a few sentences on why you started your business, and how your business got to where it is today.

Speak To Your Audience

Remember that when you are writing your business’s About Us that you are not writing a note to yourself, you are writing content that’s ultimate and highest purpose is to speak to your target market. Your clients need to be at the forefront of your mind and intentions.

By knowing your audience, you will know what tone and what type of language to approach them with. There are a number of opinions you will find on the web, some will tell you to be fun and friendly, while the most important thing for you to focus on is to not sound distant and standoffish. You want your company to sound professional and capable from the get-go, but most importantly, you need to sound approachable.

Show off your brand’s personality, the human side of your company, and clients are likely to trust you more. You can be straight to the point with a formal approach or go for something more creative without risking professionalism.

Quality Writing Is Vital

One more thing to avoid in your about page is redundant language. Don’t just repeat what was said on your homepage. Instead, make sure to focus on telling your customers fresh information on how they benefit from your services and products.

Your about page should also be high-quality in the sense that the grammar and language you use needs to be on point. A website with badly written copy is not pretty. It completely throws off any credibility and professionalism a business has. It’s a veritable nail on the coffin. Remember that your business could hang on a typo.

Make Sure It's Easy To Find

Have you ever visited a website and wanted to know more about the company but couldn’t find a link to their About Us page from their homepage? It’s kind of discouraging enough to make you want to leave a website altogether. Make sure your About Us page isn’t buried somewhere on your homepage. Don’t treat this section of your website like its not important because trust us, it is, and the About Us should be in a place where your visitors can easily find and navigate to, preferably somewhere where it can be immediately spotted on your homepage.

Seal The Deal With Call To Action

So you’ve written a killer About Us and you’ve effectively introduced yourself and your business to your potential customers, and you’ve also managed to established a sense of rapport between you and them. Now what? You need to include a call to action in your About Us page for you to be able to seal the deal.

Use your page as an open invitation for them to benefit from your products and services, or even to come and start a conversation with you. Don’t waste this opportunity by burying your contact information in the farthest and most obscure areas of your website. Instead, make sure that you provide them with information for them to reach out and get in touch with you from the About Us page.

Back To You

This guide was created to help you maximize your About Us page, it is ultimately up to you to show your personality and potential to your web visitors. Your company and brand have a unique identity, and your About Us should reflect this. It will help you stand out from your competition and show your potential customers who you are and why they should choose you above the rest.

Here is a quick checklist for what you may need to include and consider when you are making or revamping your About Us page:

  • Introduce yourself or your brand
  • Make what you do clear
  • Tell your story
  • Write directly to your audience
  • Prioritize quality writing
  • Show the people behind your website and brand
  • Easy to find from your homepage
  • Must include call to action

If your page has most of these qualities, then you have got yourself a great and effective About Us.

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