Online shopping and the fashion industry go hand in hand, flourishing together significantly in recent years. But to succeed in the competitive landscape of selling fashion online, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition if you want to succeed.

Without question, countless online brands have made significant profits with an online Shopify clothes store, and this article is here to give you some store inspiration, with two Shopify Clothing Stores examples from some of our best works, namely Monday 12 and House of Renhue.

In this article, we make a comparison between Custom/Bespoke Shopify Themes and Premium Shopify Themes & Templates, so that you can know the difference and decide between the two when building your Shopify store or website.

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What is a Shopify Theme or Template?

A theme serves as a foundation for your website, it is the template that Shopify merchants use in their stores and websites. The theme you choose should reflect the style and function you want your Shopify online store or website to have. In other words, the theme of your Shopify website determines how your online store will look and feel. When you visit the Shopify Theme Store, you'll find a wide selection of tastefully made Shopify themes that come in a variety of price points to suit any budget. Many of them are free, and many more are Premium, which comes at an affordable price point. Simply choose the pre-designed theme that best represents your brand. Aside from the selection between free and Premium Shopify Themes, there is also the option of Bespoke or custom-made themes.

Check out our latest article about the 5 Best Shopify 2.0 Themes for Your Online Store in 2023 We will now learn the difference between out-of-the-box Shopify Themes and Bespoke Themes. 


Shopify Premium Themes VS Bespoke Shopify Themes

Shopify Premium Themes are pre-made and you can find a beautiful selection from their catalog. One of the biggest benefits of selecting a Premium theme from Shopify’s theme store is that it's easy to download and you can just go from there. After selecting a Shopify Theme for your brand, you can install it and start customizing the theme to match your brand aesthetic and online shop function. However, if you want something completely unique to your brand, you can get more flexibility when it comes to the appearance and feel of your website with a Custom/Bespoke Theme. With Custom/Bespoke Shopify Themes, a unique theme is entirely designed and adapted to your brand and its business goals, from appearance to functionality. This means that your online store will be entirely original, created from the ground up to fit the idea of your website and brand, helping you stand out from the rest. Bespoke is a custom-fit solution for your brand and vision. While Shopify Premium Themes are a convenient, yet sophisticated out-of-the-box solution for your site, other brands and competitors may also use the same theme. Now let’s take a look at some of our best designs in online fashion and clothing stores on Shopify, using both Premium and Bespoke Shopify Themes.

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Monday 12 Shopify Fashion Online Store Preview

1. Monday 12 (Shopify Fashion Store)

Monday 12 is a beautiful example of ecommerce fashion store design on Shopify. The online clothing brand features a clean simple website developed on Shopify with an emphasis placed strongly on its clothes and collections. The brand was founded by a fashion and athletic apparel entrepreneur, offering a collection of timeless one-pieces clothing made from premium versions of much-loved fabrics, like French terry and cotton jersey. The collection elevates these materials with detailed construction and an impeccable fit. Monday 12 opted for a complete Custom or Bespoke Shopify Theme by Ecommerce Pro, and we built them a website with a theme that is designed to help them scale. We created this custom theme specifically to match the Monday 12 brand vision, using a minimalistic design to match the brand, with clean lines, and a monochromatic color palette. With a fully custom theme like the one Monday 12 opted for, your Shopify store or website design will feature a completely unique architecture. It will have all the functions & features that you need. Because it is bespoke, it will stand out from all other brands.  


House of Rehnue Shopify Fashion Store Preview

2. House of Renhue (Shopify Fashion Store)

House of Renhue is an online bridal fashion boutique. Their website design is simple and chic, with a high emphasis placed on product images that steal the show. House of Renhue was founded by two fashion entrepreneurs and designers. Their vision for the brand was centered on the needs and desires of the modern, romantic bride, who is confidently classy and effortlessly chic. The bridal fashion brand chose a Shopify Premium theme for its wedding dress boutique. They hired Ecommerce Pro to personalize it with a modern, chic, and tried-and-true design with strong promotional capabilities. The theme and design for House of Renhue offer shoppers an easy user experience. The website theme is specially built to convert mobile visitors, with its one-click add-to-cart feature. The House of Renhue is an online fashion and bridal boutique that Ecommerce Pro built with a responsive premium theme, designed to adjust and respond to the user’s in-store behavior. A sophisticated online fashion store that is built to convert.  


Selecting the Best Theme for Your Shopify Store

Thinking of building a Shopify store or website with the best possible Free, Premium, or Bespoke Theme for your brand? When selecting the right theme for your online store, it's best to look at your business size and model.  There are numerous successful Shopify stores out there using Premium or Free Themes downloaded from the Shopify Theme store. Choosing one of Shopify's Free or Premium themes will help you get the most out of the platform if you are a small start-up with a tight budget. This is the fastest and most cost-effective approach to getting your products and services on the market. For brands that want to invest in a website that fully realizes and reflects the vision and objectives of their brand, Bespoke Theme designs may be the best option. With Bespoke Design, you will create an online fashion store that is optimally customized for your business, offering a unique experience for your brand and its users. At Ecommerce Pro, we specialize in Shopify Theme Set Up as well as Custom or Bespoke Theme Development. Our team of Shopify Experts will help you select, build and customize the Shopify theme that best suits your business, or even create one from scratch. Let us help you set up your Shopify theme and template to build a Shopify online store or website that matches your vision for your brand. 


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