One of the most important and exciting decisions in building a Shopify store is selecting the right premium theme for your website or online store.

 As one of the most scalable and popular ecommerce platforms today, online merchants from across the globe are choosing to run their businesses on Shopify for its scalable and feature-rich characteristics. We’re talking businesses big and small, from mom-and-pop shops to big brands running large operations, like Deliveroo and Sephora.

As online entrepreneurs, we know the importance of making a great visual impression on our websites, and according to statistics, up to 38% of shoppers will click off a site that appears unprofessional and unappealing.

More than just a matter of appearance, it's important to note that web design and theme choice are also about creating a great customer and user experience for visitors to your Shopify store. This makes theme selection a major contribution to your success.

Why Shopify & Shopify Themes?

As a prominent ecommerce platform and ecommerce solution, Shopify offers its merchants optimized themes that load fast, are mobile-friendly, and has the best experience. Every theme meets a high standard and is covered by long-term support, meaning free updates so you always have the latest version available.

Thanks to the host of Shopify designers, developers, and Partners, you’ll find a wide selection of themes to suit any budget (including free themes), as well as every ecommerce trade.

Shopify themes are also organized by industry, so you’ll be able to find the theme that fits your line of business, whether it's apparel, jewelry, pet supplies, electronics, tools, makeup, toys, and more.

Just check out Shopify’s Theme Store to browse through some of their selection and prices.

To help you choose the perfect theme for your Shopify store, in this article, we are rounding up some of what we and many users feel are the top 5 Shopify themes in 2022 for your ecommerce website. Let's get started:


1. Impulse

Sleek and contemporary, Impulse is a Shopify theme with powerful custom promotion attributes. Featuring a minimal and clean design, Impulse is beautifully mobile optimized. A Shopify theme that is touted as being ideal for high-volume stores, the sophisticated Impulse theme also works for small collections and stores with larger inventories alike.

In 2022, Impulse by Archetype Themes offers 20+ sections, product sales points, meta fields, multiple landing, product, and collection templates, and more.

Impulse is a beautifully crafted, modern, and highly functional theme—designed with customer shopping experience and engagement at heart.

Impulse is the perfect choice for merchants who are on the lookout for great value and great design.


GREAT FOR: Arts and crafts, clothing, electronics, food and drink, health and beauty, home and decor, jewelry and accessories, outdoor and garden
329 USD One-time payment


2. Craft

Craft is a free theme created by Shopify that is currently trending on the Shopify Theme store. Refined, sophisticated, and minimalistic, Craft was designed as a celebration of craftsmanship—and thus, the name.

Shopify defines this theme by its subtle yet refined design, which includes generous spacing and elegant typography to make content shine. Craft's minimalist nature helps merchants showcase their brand and what it stands for, a theme designed for rich and compelling narratives.

This free theme comes with advanced customization options, a flexible design, and customization settings to achieve your desired brand vision.

Craft by Shopify is perfect for merchants who are on the lookout for a free theme that looks simple and professional. The design is clean and elegant, with abundant spacing and sections designed for rich brand storytelling.

GREAT FOR: Arts and crafts, baby and kids, books, music, and video, business equipment and supplies, home and decor, outdoor and garden, toys and games.


3. Prestige 

A highly rated theme on Shopify with over 500 reviews, Prestige is a Shopify theme designed for a premium, high-end brand appeal. A theme that is expertly and beautifully crafted, Prestive gives off luxury and high-end aesthetics for Shopify merchants who want a more upscale look. The ideal Shopify theme for clothing and fashion, this theme enhanced the shopping experience with its "shop the look" section. Easy to use and built with a powerful upselling feature that helps you boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

A media-focused theme, the product page features a highly versatile media display option, with image stacking, videos, carousel design, and more—a theme that is perfect for showcasing the best you have to offer.

The theme helps merchants achieve the elegance and sophistication they need to highlight their products and realize their brand identity online.


GREAT FOR: Jewelry and accessories, health and beauty, clothing, editorial content, visual storytelling, physical stores 

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment


4. Symmetry

A Shopify theme by Clean Canvas, Symmetry is loved by users for its trendy and stylish design, making it perfect for apparel and accessories, as well as home decor stores. The Symmetry theme is described as being versatile, up-to-date, and professional in its appearance, designed with powerful features that help online business owners grow and supercharge their Shopify stores.

A top-selling Shopify theme, symmetry boasts an unrivaled selection of customizable drag-and-drop sections, with expertly designed, top-quality code, and highly engaged user support and customer service.

The storefront filtering functionality helps buyers convert and is especially perfect for fashion websites that are looking to provide a sleek and modern shopping experience for shoppers.

A great Shopify theme with plenty of advanced features, Symmetry has multiple layout options and is great for merchants looking for a modern and aesthetic theme with lots of nice functions and features.


GREAT FOR: Clothing, jewelry, health and beauty, sports and recreation, outdoor and garden, home and decor, electronics.

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment


5. Warehouse

Selling lots of products? With the Warehouse theme, that’s not going to be a problem. Warehouse is aptly named and designed to be perfect for high-volume product stores that want to showcase their wares comprehensively and professionally.

Promote your large catalog of products with their powerfully designed collection pages that are built to organize, showcase, and filter catalogs that have thousands of products. Users love the highly versatile design and custom settings, giving them the power to create unique product displays, content, meta fields, and so much more.

A Shopify theme particularly enjoyed by drop shippers and electronics stores, the designers of this theme built Warehouse for optimized performance, using powerful and cutting-edge, high-quality code for a level of performance that rarely disappoints larger inventory stores that use this theme.

An easy choice for no-fuss, large inventory businesses that are looking for a clean, modern, and reliable design.


GREAT FOR: Electronics, sports, and recreation, home and decor, drop shippers, flash sales, high-volume stores

PRICE: 320 USD one-time payment 

There is a wide selection of Shopify 2.0 themes that you can explore on Shopify’s theme store today. With the multitude of free and paid themes available for you to use, it's important to select a theme that suits your business and brand aesthetic.

Themes like Impulse, Craft, Prestige, Symmetry, and Warehouse are just a few examples of Shopify’s most successful and top-rated themes used by many successful brands. And all of them boast highly-functional and powerfully built designs that are made to support your business from the start.

Explore Shopify’s theme store and right away, you’ll note the beautifully designed collection of themes that all look contemporary and simply beautiful. The selection is comprehensive enough for you to find the right paid or free theme to match the vision that you have for your online business and brand in no time at all.


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