One of the biggest and most profitable ecommerce platforms to date, Shopify is an ecommerce solution designed to support online businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to the world’s biggest retailers and brands. 

In terms of market share, Shopify holds 10.98% of the ecommerce market as of 2022. While this is certainly less significant to Woocommerce’s 28.24%, Shopify is the ecommerce home to over 1 million businesses worldwide.

According to Shopify’s article on The Shopify Effect, as of the year 2020, “Shopify merchants generated more than $307 billion in terms of global economic impact. Together, Shopify merchants make up the 7th largest company in the world in terms of revenue, above Apple, BP, and Volkswagen.” A lot of this is owed to the Coronavirus crisis, where businesses had to adapt to the times and turn to technology and innovation to stay afloat, leading to a rapid and unprecedented boom in ecommerce that went beyond the predictions made in previous years. 

In terms of those heavy-hitting brands on Shopify Plus, brands have been making good use of Shopify’s multi-channel capabilities and ability to handle heavy traffic to keep the ball rolling on their Superstar status. 

In this article, we are looking at some of Shopify’s most successful stores, run by household names, celebrities, and companies that you know. Some of the brands on our list may even surprise you. 

In no particular order, here are some of the biggest brands in the world that are powered by Shopify:

1. Nescafe 

Nescafe is the biggest brand in the Swiss giant’s Nestlé Family, the world's biggest food company. The Nescafe brand alone sells over 5000 products and is available in 180 countries across the globe, with an estimated brand value of 20.4 billion. It is also estimated that 5,500 cups of Nescafe products are consumed every single second of the day all over the world, making it one of the most successful brands to date. Nescafe uses Shopify Plus as its preferred ecommerce platform, offering customers a great online experience where they can shop and learn more about their products.

2. Taylor Swift

Many celebrities favor Shopify Plus as a platform to promote themselves and sell their products, among them is one of the world’s top entertainers, Grammy Award-winning Taylor Swift, who chose Shopify in 2020 to launch her official store, where fans can buy merch like apparel, bags, and her relaunched albums that made a huge splash when they were released.

Other celebs who use the platform include Drake, Adele, Lady Gaga, and the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

3. Gymshark

With over 5.6 million highly engaged Instagram followers, UK-based fitness apparel company Gymshark is one of the fasted growing companies that use Shopify Plus today. This brand started with humble beginnings when the then-teenage founder Ben Francis started the brand in 2012 in his parent’s garage. Gymshare is a brand with no physical stores, choosing to sell through Shopify, despite its massive popularity among gymgoers and athleisure loyalists.

4. Netflix Merch Shop 

Netflix, the number one on-demand video streaming subscription service joined Shopify in 2021 to launch the official Netflix merch shop, where they now sell everything from jewelry, hoodies, t-shirts, and toys— all of which are themed merch for their most popular shows, like Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Emily in Paris.

The Netflix official merch shop is a cool place for fans of Netflix Original films and series to shop for collections of their favorite characters, movies, and shows. 


5. Red Bull

Red Bull runs a well-branded online store on Shopify, leveraging Shopify Plus’ global cloud-hosting infrastructure to run speed-optimized websites, which matches Red Bull’s carefully constructed brand image of speed and energy.

Due to some legal restrictions, the official Red Bull online shop cannot sell energy drinks online, but the company uses its online store to sell Formula One products and Red Bull-related apparel and accessories to their range of international fans.

6. The Economist

First founded in 1843, The Economist is a British newspaper traditionally seen in magazine format that talks about international news, business, finance, science and technology, and politics. An authority in global journalism, The Economist doesn’t just sell magazines. Shopify Plus is The Economist’s choice to run their official Economist Store, their online show where shoppers can shop for diaries, books, ebooks, calendars, and other accessories.

7. Kylie Cosmetics

The Instagram, reality TV show, and cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner uses Shopify to house her highly successful Kylie Cosmetics brand, which has a market value of $1.2 billion. The company planted its roots in California in 2015 and has since had massive success selling skincare products, makeup pallets, lip products, and more.

Kylie Cosmetics is a website known for sustaining heavy traffic with every new product launch, like in the instance when they allegedly sold out on their new eyeshadow palette approximately 2 minutes after its launch. Shopify easily handled the site's sudden inflow of online traffic without so much as breaking a sweat.

8. Pepsico’s Pantry Shop

One of the most popular American brands in existence, Pepsico has a market value of $192.6 billion. Not just a soft drink company, Pepsico’s direct-to-consumer Pantry Shop website offers a multitude of products from their online store, which is, of course, powered by Shopify.

Pepsico is a brand that is available in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, with products enjoyed over 1 billion times a day, according to the Pepsico website, and they made 2 billion in online sales in 2019 with Shopify Plus as their ecommerce platform. Pepsico decided to launch its direct-to-consumer site during the pandemic so that its consumers could shop online for their favorite products.

9. Hasbro Pulse

The world-famous toy retailer, Hasbro’s online store is powered by Shopify. Known for producing toys with a massive fanbase, including NERF, Marvel, Starwars, Monopoly, and Transformer toys, Hasbro has been a giant in the toy market for years, and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Before Hasbro launched their Shopify Plus website, they worked with a less than elegant system of running on 3 different platforms until they chose to go with Shopify Plus, creating one online space for fans and customers to have an entirely more seamless shopping experience.

10. Penguin Books UK

One of the most highly respected and one of the largest publishing companies on the planet, Penguin Books has been around since 1935. Today, they run an online store with Shopify Plus, where you can shop for books for all ages, accessories like mugs and handbags, and different types of homeware since 2017.

Penguin also uses their Shopify Plus store to sell tickets for its online events featuring award-winning authors for writer’s workshops online.


An overall excellent ecommerce platform that serves a multitude of heavy-hitting brands that demand nothing less than the best in terms of website performance, Shopify is a trusted platform and has been an easy choice for major companies from across the globe to run their online businesses smoothly.

Today, Shopify Plus continues to power some of the world’s biggest and fasted growing companies with an ecommerce solution that is always on its toes to meet the demands of every brand, from small to the enterprise-sized businesses that have been dominating the market.

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