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Chala's team is made up of creative designers who love handbags.

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    • B2B & Wholesale

      B2B & Wholesale

      Offer a separate pricelists for B2B customers and enable Net Payment terms all natively on Shopify.

    • Minimum Order Quantity

      Minimum Order Quantity

      Reduce inventory costs & improve sales figures by setting a minimum order quantity at purchase.

    • Custom Forms

      Custom Forms

      Optimize the process by adding claims, returns and contact forms with detailed input fields.

    • Advanced Filters

      Advanced Filters

      Enable customers to narrow their product searches by price range, brand, size, or color.

    Chala Handbags X Ecommerce Pro

    • Chala Group designs ethical vegan bags and accessories that feature unique character designs, splashes of color, and bold details you'll love.

    • Ecommerce Pro team recommended the best theme for Chala's industry and enabled B2B by activating separate logins, pricelists, net payments and advanced filters.

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