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How to Write Product Descriptions for Your Online Business

Product descriptions are an important feature of your online store. Customers turn to descriptions to learn more about your products, informing themselves of the pertinent details that they need to know before committing to making a purchase. With that said,...

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15 Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Shopify Website’s Rank

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important ecommerce strategy that helps online Shopify businesses increase traffic to their online store by increasing their rank and visibility on search engine sites like Google. In the world of the internet, getting...

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October 2023: What’s New On Shopify

Shopify rolls out new updates every month to keep its merchants and developers ahead of the curb. This fall, Shopify continues to evolve and innovate its services to deliver a better experience to its community of merchants and partners, helping...

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How to Reduce Bounce Rates & Increase Customer Interaction on Your Shopify Store

Dealing with and improving Shopify online store bounce rates is one of the biggest challenges that an ecommerce store owner will have to face. Bounce rates refer to the proportion of your website visitors who arrive at your online store...

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8 Ways to Optimize Your Shopify Online Store’s Product Pages

While all the pages of your Shopify online store are important, your product pages are arguably some of the most crucial pages that make or break your online business experience. Your product page is where customers learn more about your...

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What is an Enterprise? Definition & Types of Enterprise Businesses

When we explore the world of online business and commerce in general, we come across many terms casually flung about that we may or may not be completely familiar with. One such term is “Enterprise”, which is treated in a...

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Shopify SEO Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be a confusing topic to navigate, especially when you research the topic for the very first time. Some acronyms and terms can be hard to grasp, prompting some confusion and uncertainty. However, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is...

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5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Ecommerce Businesses

5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Ecommerce Businesses

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, a multichannel approach is needed, including being active on a few social media platforms. Every day, billions of people around the world use social media, often following and interacting...

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5 Ecommerce SEO Tips for Beginners

Many ecommerce businesses on Shopify don’t pay much mind to search engine optimization, especially when starting out. This is despite the fact that SEO helps online businesses increase traffic and will continue to work for you in the long run,...

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