One of the best things about Shopify, and why it’s so successful as an ecommerce platform, is that Shopify is an ecommerce solution for enterprises of all sizes, large and small, catering to every stage of a business, whether you are just starting out, or managing a multi-million global operation. 

With its handful of Shopify plans, ecommerce entrepreneurs and all manner of ecommerce businesses will find the right Shopify plan to cater to their needs, whether you settle for Shopify Plus or a standard Shopify plan. If you are just starting out, or thinking of scaling your ecommerce operation, it’s only natural to ask yourself “Which Shopify plan is best?” for you and your growing business. You may even be asking yourself if it’s time for an upgrade to Shopify Plus. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about two Shopify plans, namely Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced, what their differences are, and which one should you go for between the two Shopify solutions.

For well-established ecommerce businesses that require more hands on deck, and a powerful solution where advanced features are required, it’s worth your while looking into the advantages of Shopify Plus vs Advanced Shopify—both of which are aimed at ecommerce businesses who are on the fast-track and need a Shopify ecommerce solution that can sustain and support its growth.

Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced:

What is Shopify Plus?

When it comes to enterprises that deal with high volumes of sales, products, and customers, Shopify Plus offers a sophisticated solution that helps you run large online business operations. 

As Shopify’s premium plan, Shopify Plus attracts million-dollar, high-volume brands and Fortune 500 companies in fashion, beauty, electronics, and much more. Brand names include businesses like Red Bull, KKW Beauty, Herschel, Nestle, Fashion Nova, and Heinz to name but a few.

Shopify Plus gives you the integral features of all other Shopify plans, but it is supercharged with exclusive features and functionality that streamline complicated and standard ecommerce operations. Shopify Plus offers more in terms of dedicated support options, integrations, atomization, and customization, giving brands the unlimited capacity for growth that other Shopify plans and ecommerce solutions alone may not be able to provide.

For small to medium businesses, Shopify Plus may not be the right Shopify plan for you. However, if your Shopify website deals in the hundreds of thousands to multimillions in sales, Shopify Plus offers the most reliable and sophisticated solution that also happens to be is ethically priced.

Cost and Advantages of Shopify Plus

So, how much does Shopify Plus cost?

Shopify Plus starts at $2000 a month and takes a 2.15% transaction fee. As we said, Shopify Plus is the choice of top brands and Fortunes 500 companies and it boasts fair pricing that gives brands an unfair advantage. 

Designed for enterprise-level businesses, Shopify Plus simply one-ups all other Shopify plans available, giving you the power and control you require over an ecommerce website in order to run a veritable business empire.

Shopify Plus is simply Shopify’s most sophisticated offering and is a powerhouse that matches the needs of powerhouse brands at a reasonable fee. Here is what Shopify Plus has to offer:

  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Exclusive Shopify Plus features like Shopify Flow, Launchpad, and Scripts
  • 24/7 priority support
  • The lowest transaction fee among all Shopify Plans
  • Highest level of data encryption, bot protection, fraud analysis, chargeback recovery, and auto-reconciliation.
  • Exclusive Shopify Plus automation tools to automate sales, promotions, and tasks
  • Built-in wholesale channel solution
  • Completely customizable
  • Website traffic optimization
  • Sell internationally in different currencies and languages
  • Main Shopify Plus store + 9 expansion stores
  • Cross channel selling on websites like eBay and Etsy

What is Shopify Advanced?

As part of Shopify’s standard plan, Advanced Shopify is the most polished between the three standard plans, namely Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Shopify Advanced. Cheaper than Shopify Plus by a long shot, this Shopify price plan is best for scaling businesses that require advanced reporting. 

Who is Shopify Advanced for? Shopify Advanced is great for medium to large businesses that require advanced analytics but aren’t handling the same amount of ecommerce load as Shopify Plus websites.

The Shopify Advanced plan includes all the features of both Shopify Basic and the standard Shopify plan—but with a host of more advanced features. The Shopify Advanced fee is perfect for those merchants who have a business that is just gaining more traction and is expected to grow. If you run a medium business that is still growing towards an even greater potential, then Shopify Advanced will do wonders for you.

The advantages of the Advanced plan lie in its Shopify advanced reports. With the Shopify Advanced plan, you also get up to 15 staff accounts for the members of your enterprise to perform all necessary admin tasks.

Cost and Advantages of Shopify Advanced

So, how much does Shopify Advanced cost?

At $299 a month, the Shopify Advanced plan takes 2.4% plus a 30¢ fee per transaction. Perfect for the online business with projected rapid growth, Advanced Shopify has a clearly more affordable fee than Shopify Plus and comes with low transaction rates and deep insight for shops that want to monitor their shop's performance so that they can make data-driven business decisions.

Advantages of Shopify Advanced

  • 15 staff accounts
  • 3rd party calculated shipping rates
  • Unlimited product uploads
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • 24/7 support
  • In-depth advanced reporting

Shopify Plus vs Shopify Advanced—Which plan is the best for you?

Go for Shopify Plus if: 

You require an enterprise-level solution with features specifically designed for high-volume brands.

Shopify Plus is made for enterprises of a larger scale that deal with high volumes of sales, products, and customers. Shopify Plus is for ecommerce businesses that require a solution that is extremely reliable, able to sustain and support a large and still growing brand.

The Shopify Plus plan is, simply put, designed to give enterprise-level merchants the best that Shopify has to offer, and it has been the go-to for heavy lifting brands and Fortune 500 companies around the world. If you are running a high-volume store that’s on the path to more growth, Shopify Plus may be just the solution that’s right for your business. For enterprises dealing in the hundreds of thousands and multiple millions in sales, Shopify Plus offers a customizable, affordable, and sophisticated solution that offers all you need and more to run a stellar ecommerce website.


Go for Shopify Advanced if:

You require advanced features for scaling your business.

While not the powerhouse that Shopify Plus is, Shopify Advanced is perfect for running a small to medium business that is expecting to scale and in need of advanced reporting for their website. The Shopify Advanced plan includes all the features of Shopify’s standard plans (Basic Shopify and Shopify), but with a host of features, especially in terms of analytics and reports, with 15 staff accounts for you and your team to perform admin tasks.

The go-to for well-established ecommerce businesses experiencing a high measure of ecommerce success, the Shopify Advanced plan gives you valuable insight into your shop's performance and customer behavior.

Cheaper than Shopify Plus with a $299 a month fee, the Shopify Advanced plan is ideal for businesses that generate over $10,000 a month in revenue.

When to Use or Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Let’s say you are using one of Shopify’s standard plans and find yourself asking if and when you should make the leap to Shopify Plus. While Shopify Plus is the most sophisticated solution with a host of attractive features that Shopify offers its merchants, it is not for everyone.

Shopify Advanced is, by all means, a complete ecommerce solution that serves hundreds of thousands of Shopify websites to the satisfaction of its merchants. However, if you are an ecommerce entrepreneur that feels Standard Shopify Plans are no longer enough to sustain your growth, then it may be time to seriously consider an upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise solution for fast-growing businesses in need of the seamless and exclusive capabilities that standard Shopify plans do not offer. If you are making hundreds of thousands of dollars to $1-2 million in annual revenue, Shopify Plus will be the right solution for your enterprise.

Shopify Plus is perfect for the ecommerce business that requires a platform with tools that allow for an unlimited capacity for growth, a platform that makes it easy for large brands to operate, as running a successful online business can be demanding. 

As your company grows, workflow atomization with Shopify Flow will streamline your ecommerce business’s standard and repetitive operations, such as shipping and order management. One of Shopify Plus’s greatest advantages is that it frees you and your team from tedious tasks.

Shopify Plus offers its merchants a cost-effective solution with remarkable features and tools to run a large ecommerce brand smoothly with Shopify Plus, Shopify’s most powerful ecommerce solution.

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