Speed reigns supreme in the competitive world of ecommerce. In online business, every half-second counts, and a winning edge is gained by those who can set a lightning fast, conversion-optimized pace to deliver a seamless shopping experience for customers to enjoy.

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    Clunky, unoptimized websites just won’t do it for the modern online shopper who wants a frictionless journey, from effortless browsing to a quick and secure checkout. This is where the highly successful Enterprise theme by Clean Canvas steps in, with an entire code framework optimized for such speed that they are revolutionizing the Shopify theme space as well as the online shopping experiences for customers.

    A performance powerhouse, Enterprise by Clean Canvas goes beyond a professional, captivating and modern design. It's a turbocharged engine disguised as a storefront, propelling you past the competition and straight into your customers’ shopping carts.

    In this article by Ecommerce Pro, we are exploring how Enterprise can transform your Shopify store into a high-converting business. We’ll cover what Shopify themes are, and introduce the developers behind the theme, before diving into Enterprise and its key features.

    Let’s get started with the basics:

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    What are Shopify Themes?

    Think of Shopify themes as the blueprint and foundations that outlines and underpins the structure of your webstore. It is a complex digital product built on robust coding and shaped by professional versatile design. In themes like Enterprise, built by reputable theme developers, the design and development are based on a huge amount of experience gathered across years of building themes for Shopify merchants. Themes are a starting point for the presentation, design, look, and feel of your online store. Themes also determine a huge amount of functionality available to you, as they come with a varying degree of built-in features you can use, like sliders, countdown timers, quick view, image hotspots, language translations, and many many more. Themes also determine the experience for customers on your online store, so choosing the correct theme has a massive impact on all areas of your store’s success. 

    While Shopify themes act as a vehicle for important features, a template and as a building block for the design of your store, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t customizable. Themes are a starting point for the ideal ecommerce store layout, but they are highly customizable to suit your brand identity and unique business needs.

    Today, there are 194 themes available on the Shopify Theme Store, 13 of which are free, while the rest are labeled Premium and are offered at a one-time fee. All Shopify themes are customizable and optimized for ecommerce—though it’s important to remember that not all themes will suit your business and that there are factors to consider, like industry or business size.

    With that in mind, every Shopify theme meets a high standard, but some themes tend to stand out more than others, due to their flexibility, function, and the quality of support behind the theme. This is often down to the experience, talent and investment of the team behind the theme.


    About Clean Canvas

    Clean Canvas Ltd. is a leading Shopify theme developer with over 12 years in the field, making Clean Canvas one of Shopify’s longest-running Shopify Theme Store Partner. Their time as Shopify theme developers is marked with success, having developed exceptional themes like Symmetry, which is  Shopify’s most downloaded theme to date.

    Clean Canvas themes have a reputation for having the best code build quality, detailed professional design, and a huge focus on providing a user-friendly interface, with incredibly well developed features that can help you boost conversions and sales. Aside from quality development, design and features, the Clean Canvas team is lauded for their excellent customer service and support [all ex-Shopify support], meeting customer concerns and issues with satisfaction.

    Clean Canvas offers a variety of themes that showcase an exceptional range to suit a variety of industries and business types, including fashion, electronics, home goods, arts & crafts, food & beverage, dropshipping stores, superstores/multi-product stores, and boutique-style stores.

    Their high-performing Premium theme, Enterprise, is specifically designed for high-speeds and conversion optimization across a large inventory store. It focuses on delivering a lightning-fast shopping experience that encourages customers to buy.

    In the next section, we'll take a closer look at Enterprise, its top features and key characteristics that can help boost your online business:

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    About Enterprise Shopify Theme and Its Features

    Enterprise, one of Clean Canvas's top-performing Premium themes, sets a new standard in ecommerce for speed and conversion rates. The “Sell faster, sell more” concept behind the theme’s design ensures merchants can deliver an optimal shopping experience to their customers, without any hangups - even delivering this across large inventories.

    How did they achieve this? They did away with external libraries or bloated code to achieve pure speed and replaced this with hand-crafted optimized native coding. All of this lends to Enterprise’ lightning-fast loading times, reducing bounce rates and keeping customers engaged from the landing page to checkout.

    The Enterprise theme goes beyond basics, offering a comprehensive suite of features that is designed to enhance every aspect of an online store's functionality—all without extra apps. Flash messages, sticky Add to Cart, Copy discount codes, Countdown timers, Free shipping bars, Comparison features and per-page tailored popups (to name just a few!) are features built into the theme, so you can enjoy these functions without weighing your site with third-party applications, as well as saving you thousands in additional subscription costs.

    Design philosophy at its very finest, Clean Canvas’ Enterprise theme manages to address the needs of the modern merchant, setting them up for success with a theme that is optimized to the teeth.

    Whether you're running a high-volume store, cross-border sales, a multi-product superstore, or managing a dropshipping operation, Enterprise is designed with the tools and features you need for a superb performance-driven ecommerce business.

    Key Features of the Enterprise Shopify Theme:

    • Built for Speed: The design philosophy centered around speed had the developers eliminate external libraries and bloated code, ensuring lightning-fast loading times.
    • Comprehensive Built-in Features: Say goodbye to apps and enjoy comprehensive built-in features that help you convert.
    • Enhanced Shopping Experience: Designed to reduce bounce rates and keep customers engaged from landing page to checkout.
    • Experience-Driven Design: Developed by Clean Canvas, a Shopify Theme Store Partner with over 10 years of ecommerce expertise to meet the needs of modern merchants.
    • Versatility: Ideal for stores dealing in high-volume sales, dropshipping stores, and more.
    • Optimized for Conversion: Combines performance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to boost conversion rates and overall store performance, coming together to bring you the whole package when it comes to Shopify themes.


    How Much Does Enterprise Shopify Theme by Clean Canvas Cost?

    Priced at $380 USD, the Enterprise theme is not just an investment; it's a strategic advantage. This is a one-time purchase, meaning you pay upfront and get lifetime access to the theme with free updates and dedicated support from the Clean Canvas team. Along with this, you save thousands of dollars by not needing to invest in additional apps as Enterprise comes packed with many features right out of the box.

    The Enterprise theme is also available on free trial. The free trial option allows you to explore the theme for however long you like. Publishing any storefront created will require a one-time purchase.



    Q: Can I customize the Enterprise theme to fit my brand's unique identity?

    A: Absolutely. Enterprise offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the theme to align with your brand's aesthetics and persona. It is constantly celebrated as one of the most feature-rich themes available.


    Q: Does Enterprise come with ongoing support and updates?

    A: Yes, Clean Canvas provides free ongoing and consistent updates for Enterprise. These updates ensure your theme remains compatible with the latest Shopify features, offering a hassle-free experience for users of the theme.


    Q: Is there a free trial available for the Enterprise theme?

    A: Yes, Enterprise offers unlimited free trial options for Enterprise. You can fully explore the theme’s features and capabilities with your customizations before making a purchase decision.


    Q: Can I use Enterprise on multiple Shopify stores?

    A: No, your payment entitles you to use the theme on a single Shopify store. If you have multiple stores, you would need to purchase separate licenses for each store.


    Q: Does Clean Canvas provide assistance with theme setup and customization?

    A: Yes and no. Clean Canvas offers extensive documentation and support resources to help you set up and customize the Enterprise theme according to your needs. Additionally, their support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during the setting up process. As theme developers on the Shopify Theme Store cannot offer customization services due to focusing all resources on the maintenance and enhancement of the native theme, for custom needs you should leverage the expertise of a Shopify expert like Ecommerce Pro to ensure a seamless setup and unlock the full potential of Enterprise.


    Verified User Testimonials:

    • Merchant 1: "Excellent Theme & Clean Canvas Great To Work With I did a lot of research before choosing the Clean Canvas Enterprise theme. I liked the functionality of it, and further I really liked the performance of it. I tested quite a few themes using the Google PageSpeed Test and the Enterprise theme was one of the very best ones I tested. Terrific theme and helpful developer!”
    • Merchant 2: "The Enterprise theme has all the essential features you need to boost your e-commerce store and increase conversions. We are very satisfied with the functionality. Also, their customer service is helpful and quick to respond. 5 stars!”



    Enterprise by Clean Canvas has been a game-changer for ecommerce merchants with its unparalleled speed and comprehensive features that make it optimized for online business. More than just a Shopify Theme, Enterprise stands as a strategic tool. With its extensive customization options, built-in features, exceptional speed, and support from Clean Canvas, Enterprise provides everything you need to succeed in the competitive world of ecommerce.

    Explore the unlimited free trial today and see how Enterprise can transform your online store into a high-converting powerhouse.

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