Let’s face it, AI or artificial intelligence has revolutionized society and transformed the way we do business— with ecommerce as no exception. While the use of AI has certainly garnered some pushback, the implementation of AI has emerged as a game-changer for many industries.

With AI’s ability to process data at lightning speed, online retailers today can streamline their processes, enhance the customer experience, and drive sales like never before. Even ecommerce platforms like Shopify are integrating AI into their platform to add more value for users and merchants, and many of Shopify’s more popular apps use artificial intelligence to give you the benefit of machine learning, algorithms, and much more.

With its many advantages, Artificial Intelligence tools can help you produce content, manage your workflows, and provide better customer services, saving you time and money needed for arduous tasks.

In this article by Ecommerce Pro, we’re going to explore the top ten AI tools and apps  that we think are worth giving a try in your quest to boost your ecommerce success on Shopify.


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1. ChatGPT

We can’t talk about AI technology without mentioning ChatGPT. Sometimes termed the “Google of AI”, when used correctly, the AI chatbot can be an invaluable AI tool for Shopify online stores.

By leveraging ChatGPT, you can create your own compelling copy, from product descriptions to blog posts. You can even integrate it into chatbots or use it for email marketing which can be used for customer interaction and retargeting.

The Shopify app store features a couple of ChatGPT AI apps, including ChatGPT—Upsell—Email Marketing and ChatGPT Product Description AI, both of which have free plans available for you to test out.

While AI chatbots and AI-generated content have undeniably come a long way, it's important that we acknowledge that much of the content generated by ChatGPT can fall a bit flat. Not to mention that you need to fact-check everything, especially when it comes to data that comes after 2021.

If you wish to use ChatGPT effectively, it all comes down to critical evaluation and adding a personal flair to its content to efficiently enhance your Shopify store and online business!

ChatGPT is free to use.


2. Market Muse

Want to improve your content strategy and recognize the gaps in your existing content? Try Market Muse, an AI solution that was created by SEO specialists, content strategists, marketers, engineers, and data scientists who are on a mission to improve your website's content with AI SEO and content strategy.

What Market Muse does is that it analyzes your existing website content, and suggests ways for you to improve it for search engines and organic search, and also how to improve content to make it more engaging for your site visitors. Market Muse will help you generate topics customers are interested in (useful if you run a blog with your Shopify business).

Manual content audits can take hours, but with Market Muse, you can automate the process. Market Muse offers a 7-day Standard plan free trial. The Standard plan starts at $149/month.


3. Deep Dream

Want to create surreal images and art? Deep Dream uses AI to create intriguing and surreal images that have a dream-like quality. Created by Google engineer, Alexander Mordvintsev, Deep Dream AI uses a convolutional neural network to create dream-like and mesmerizing visuals.

While Deep Dream AI and similar technology did garner their own pushback from artists, the AI tool gained popularity among graphic artists and designers who are ready to embrace AI to explore new possibilities in their creative process. Creatives use the tool to generate visually captivating compositions and have used it for their inspiration, creating artistic merchandise in the process.

Overall, Deep Dream poses a unique opportunity to Shopify businesses to elevate the visuals of the virtual storefront, helping you stand out from the competition. By incorporating AI-generated images into product listings, banners, and other promotional material, you can create content that captivates potential customers—or simply use it for artistic inspiration as part of your process.

Deep Dream starts at $19/month.


4. Transcy: AI Language Translate

Want to translate your Shopify store into any language and add currency convertors to cater to your worldwide audience? Try Trancy’s AI Language Translate tool.

With this AI tool and Shopify app, you can now effortlessly translate your Shopify store into any language as well as incorporate different currencies to boost your sales worldwide.

What’s great about Trancy and what makes it popular in the Shopify community is that its auto-detect translator has no word limits, and even translates text on images using AI technology. The app also supports many translation methods, whether users prefer manual translations or AI-driven translations. With this AI tool and app, you will enhance the international user experience, with its auto-detect system based on geolocation, making it even more convenient for your international customers to shop with you.

Free to install, with a basic plan at $11.90/month


5. Recart SMS

Thousands of brands on Shopify are using Recart SMS to elevate their marketing strategies by doubling down on email and SMS conversions. The App uses AI to personalize text and email campaigns at a large scale, helping brands welcome their new subscribers, diminish the instance of abandoned carts, and drive reorders effortlessly.

What’s great about Recart and why it has so many high-ranking reviews is that it maximizes your results with the help of AI tools to optimize your SMS and email content like never before, while also determining the best sending times. You’ll also enjoy real-time analytics, making it easier to stay on top of your SMS and email marketing performance. The app also provides a Customer Success Manager (CMS), built-in compliance, and 7-day-click attribution for sales.

It comes with a 21-day free trial!


6. Google Cloud: Recommendations AI

Another AI tool that can be a tremendous game changer for Shopify online stores is Google Cloud: Recommendation AI, through its personalized and data-driven product recommendations. This tool leverages advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze your target customer’s behavior, patterns, and preferences to then generate relevant product recommendations.

Because of the nature of machine learning, Google Cloud's AI Recommendation service is made to keep on learning and adjusting, ensuring that the recommendations stay relevant to the customers. As your customer preferences evolve, AI algorithms refine the recommendations, allowing businesses to stay ahead of trends and recommend new products effectively. Shopify online stores can use this AI tool to fine-tune and maximize their revenue potential, increase consumer engagement, and create enduring customer relationships by integrating Google Cloud's AI Recommendation service into their Shopify stores.

You can get started with Google Cloud: Recommendations AI for free.


7. Signifyd

Looking to protect your Shopify business from fraud? AI doesn’t just help you generate content and make product suggestions, it can also be used for security and you can look no further than Signifyd.

If you ever find yourself worrying about financial losses because of fraud, this AI app and tool offers users some seriously comprehensive fraud protection tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses, including brands operating from the Shopify platform. With its advanced machine learning technology and extensive data analysis capabilities, Signifyd has been empowering ecommerce merchants to make informed decisions about accepting or rejecting transactions, minimizing risks and losses associated with fraud.

Signifyd works by evaluating orders at checkout. The app delivers instant decisions backed by a financial guarantee against fraud and non-fraud chargebacks on all approved orders. This AI tool effectively shifts the liability for chargeback losses away from Shopify merchants, allowing you to trust customers and grow fearlessly while reducing risk against fraud.

Signifyd starts at $1,500/month and you can contact them directly for pricing and ROI analysis.


8. Neural Love

Another AI art-generating tool that’s worth checking out is Neural Love, which is free to use. This adaptable AI image creator, though still in its infancy, combines the capabilities of media editing tools and AI generators to create spectacular graphics in the user's preferred style.

It has a lot of distinctive tools and features, such as an Uncrop tool, Image enhancement, AI avatars, and more. Users can also process and synthesize video, music, and images using an API or proprietary software, depending on the version. It can be used to create an endless supply of art and content.

What makes Neural Love stand apart from other image-generating AI is that it can also be used to process video and audio enhancements, making it a more versatile AI tool.

Neural Love can be tried out for free.


9. Smartzer

Create a new revenue stream with video. Smarzer is an AI-powered interactive video tool that brands use to enhance the shopping experience and interactivity of websites with the use of videos. It enables ecommerce businesses to create a more dynamic Shopify website through the use of interactive videos that give customers a more immersive, and captivating experience.

Using Smartzer, you may add clickable tags or icons to particular products that are being highlighted in your videos, making them shoppable. By clicking on the tags, viewers can learn more about the products and make purchases from the video.

The Smartzer app on Shopify comes with easy-to-use creation tools and analytics. Brands using the service include Samsung and Bulgari.

It comes with a 7-day free trial, followed by a Mini subscription that starts at $299/month.


10. Watson Assistant

Want a virtual customer service assistant powered by AI? Give Watson Assistant a try. This AI-powered chatbot and VA allow businesses to build and effectively deploy AI conversational agents that can interact with customers through text and even voice interfaces. The AI tool boasts the ability to deliver consistent and intelligent customer care across all channels and touchpoints, with AI that uses natural language processing capabilities.

Watson Assistant can not only understand user intents, but it can also differentiate between entities, and even understands context, enabling it to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses—impressive stuff. Watson Assistant can be integrated with Shopify stores.

The Lite version is free, while their Plus plan starts at $140/month.



There you have it, we’ve given you 10 AI tools for Shopify businesses to explore. These AI tools are here to help you succeed in the ecommerce landscape, ranging from content generation to customer engagement, offering innovative solutions to enhance your Shopify business.

Remember that staying ahead in the ecommerce industry means embracing new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, and you should always keep an eye on the trends.

Ecommerce Pro is here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape and make the most out of these powerful tools.


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