Shopify POS - Point of Sale

The Shopify POS - Point of Sale system that every business need.

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What is Shopify POS?

  • Shopify POS - Point of Sale is a multi-channel platform in one system for both online and in-person/in store sales, whether you're selling at a local shop, at a market, or for a pop-up shop event.

  • In other words, Shopify POS is a hardware and software system that works together to process sales and payment transactions at retail businesses.

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Modern POS software built for your business

  • Powerful POS Software

    You can now turn any device or tablet into a point of sale with Shopify POS - Point of Sale by simply downloading the Shopify Retail POS app.

  • Customizable POS Terminal

    Personalize your Shopify POS - Point of Sale as needed by keeping your most-used apps, discounts, and products at your fingertips.

  • Fully Integrated Hardware

    Get the perfect POS setup, whether you’re a pop up shop or a retail store. Shopify POS connects seamlessly with Shopify card readers and compatible hardware accessories.

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  • Ecommerce Pro - Shopify Experts Agency offering Shopify POS Consolation and Services
  • Ecommerce Pro - Shopify Experts Agency offering Shopify Plus Services

Why is it important?

With Shopify POS - Point of Sale, retail businesses get all the tools they need to manage their operations and accept payments. The benefits of the Shopify POS - Point of Sale system go beyond the retail business store with an easy ecommerce solution that unifies in-store and Shopify store (website) sales together. This allows business owners to sync inventory easily while they sell. Shopify POS - Point of Sale also offers more shopping options like local pickup, local delivery, ship-to-home, and email carts.

Top Features

  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Advanced Inventory Management across all our retail stores and website.

  • Custom Access

    Custom Access

    Custom Staff Permissions to control your staff access easily.

  • Unified Reporting

    Unified Reporting

    Unified reporting that syncs both retail store and online store sales easily.

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