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What is Shopify app comparison tool?

The Shopify app comparison tool on our website is a tool that can be used by any Shopify merchant, expert and store owner to compare different Shopify apps easily.

Why this Shopify app comparison tool?

It's a FREE tool that will make things much easier for you. Compare Shopify apps easily side by side and within just few minutes.

Is this feature for FREE?

Yes, this App Comparison feature is FREE for all users.

How do I compare Shopify Apps?

1. You start by selecting the app category or simply use the search function.

2. You select your top Shopify apps you'd like to compare by clicking on the Compare button.

3. Once you've selected up to 4 Shopify apps, click on Compare Application and start comparing easily.

What's the TESTED badge?

Any app that has the TESTED badge have been verified and tested by our internal team. The process goes from usability, app support, installation, documentation and features. Learn more.

Are the app reviews trustworthy?

All reviews come from the official source of each app on Shopify.

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