In the competitive landscape of ecommerce, strategies around customer loyalty have shifted into a sharper focus, becoming more crucial for online brands. As online businesses try to find new ways to retain their customers and build stronger, longer-lasting relationships, loyalty and rewards programs have emerged as some of the most powerful tools to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases.

With the Shopify platform being one of 2023’s top choices for online brands, the ecommerce solution provides merchants with a great variety of choices when it comes to loyalty and rewards apps that you can integrate seamlessly into your stores.

In this article by Ecommerce Pro, we explore the top and best loyalty and rewards apps on the Shopify App Store. We delve into what these apps are, and why they’re important, before revealing our top three loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify in 2023. We’re sure that, whether you're a small startup or an established ecommerce business, these loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify will help you increase customer loyalty and boost those sales, ultimately driving your online brand forward in the ever-evolving world of Shopify and ecommerce.


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What are loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify?

Loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify are apps you can integrate into the online business that are designed to help you create and manage customer loyalty programs.

These helpful apps are made to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store, allowing you to incentivize customer loyalty, rewarding them for repeat purchases, engagement, and referring your products to their followers, friends, and family.

Loyalty and rewards apps often have strategic features such as points-based rewards systems, tiered rewards, referral programs, VIP customer programs, and more.


Why are loyalty and rewards apps important?

Loyalty and rewards apps are important for online businesses as they provide a range of desirable business features, such as points-based rewards systems, tiered rewards, referral programs, notifications, and even analytics.

With the right loyalty and rewards app for your brand, online businesses can boost customer loyalty, improve customer retention, and create a positive and rewarding shopping experience for their online customers. This rewarding experience will drive customers to come back and even refer your brand to others.

By using these apps, brands build lasting relationships with their customers, boosting their brand's reach and success.


Below we highlight the top 3 loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify in 2023 and their key features. Here are our top 3 picks:


Appstle Loyalty App

1. Appstle℠ Loyalty & Rewards

Shopify rating: 4.8 stars (19 reviews) –     Launched on February 2nd, 2023

Founded by a former Apple-Siri Engineer and an ex-BCG consultant, Appstle has firmly established its position as one of the top Shopify and Shopify Plus app developers in the industry. Appstle has launched a new and highly regarded loyalty and rewards app that you can download on Shopify, known for its excellent set of comprehensive loyalty program features. This app on the Shopify platform and gained popularity because of its innovative and comprehensive set of useful features. What sets Appstle apart is its customizability. The app allows merchants to customize their loyalty programs to meet their brands specific needs.

Moreover, with a user-friendly interface, it's easy for ecommerce and online businesses to navigate and make the most of Appstles robust features. Whether you're a startup Shopify store trying to lay the foundations of your brand or a well-established ecommerce enterprise, Appstle Loyalty & Rewards is a valuable app that can help enhance the customer relationship and super-charge the potential of your Shopify store. With its stellar reputation and the app developers dedication to helping Shopify businesses succeed, Appstle is at the top of our recommendations for loyalty and rewards apps on Shopifys app store.

Appstle Key Features:

  • Customizable Loyalty Programs: Appstles loyalty benefits and programs are customizable, allowing brands and businesses on Shopify to create personalized loyalty programs that are fully tailored to your stores specific needs. With Appstle, you can set up a variety of reward tiers, assign points for purchases, create referral codes, improve social media engagement, and even create exclusive benefits for your VIP customers.

  • Automated Campaigns: With Appstle, you can automate your marketing campaigns to keep customers engaged. Send personalized and unlimited email notifications, and push notifications to keep customers informed about their loyalty status, any upcoming rewards, and other special promotions.

How much does Appstle cost?

  • Free to Install: Free forever until your store reaches $500/Mo of subscription revenue
  • Starter: $10/month or $96/year and save 20%
  • Business: $30/month or $288/year and save 20%
  • Business Premium: $100/month or $960/year and save 20%


Stamped Loyalty App 

2. Stamped Loyalty & Referrals

Shopify rating: 3.7 stars (120 reviews)

The Stamped Loyalty and Referrals app takes the second spot on our list of top loyalty rewards apps on Shopify in 2023. What makes Stamped unique to the list is how they harness and leverage the power of social proof to drive customer loyalty and improve trust. With this loyalty app, you can turn your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors with its customizable referrals program, leading to increased engagement and conversions, as customers are encouraged to refer their friends and family.

Stamped Key Features:

  • Incentivized Customer Reviews and Ratings: the Stamped app on Shopify allows your customers to leave reviews and ratings of their purchases directly onto your Shopify store. A highly valued feature, authentic user-generated content helps build trust. To encourage your customers to leave reviews, Stamped offers reward points that can be converted into discounts.

  • Points Program Campaign: This gamified approach to getting rewards motivates your online customers to sign up for an account, follow you on Instagram, share reviews, and more. This app’s approach to gamification makes shopping on your site more fun, as customers complete desired actions and purchases for loyalty rewards and points.

  • Social Sharing: Stamped works seamlessly with social media, allowing customers to share their purchases and experiences with followers. This in turn helps you extend your brand's reach, generating organic word-of-mouth marketing and improving your visibility.

How much does Stamped cost?

  • LITE Free: Free forever with Points Program Up to 100 orders
  • Premium: $59/month or $588/year and save 17%
  • Business: $179/month or $1,788/year and save 17%
  • Professional: $479/month or $4,788/year and save 17%


Yotpo Loyalty App

3.Yotpo: Loyalty & Rewards:

Shopify rating: 4.7 stars (2467 reviews)

Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards is the third mention on our list of top loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify in 2023. Yotpo is a well-established name in the Shopify app store, offering a suite of customer loyalty tools and features. Yotpo is a rewards app that has a special focus on retention-driving loyalty programs, and with a high Shopify rating with thousands of positive reviews, Yotpo has gained the trust of many Shopify merchants.

Yotpo Key Features:

  • Retention-Driven Loyalty Programs: Yotpo Loyalty and Referrals places great emphasis on loyalty and retention, with a dynamic loyalty platform that allows customers to earn and redeem points with their 20+ out-of-the-box campaigns. These reward systems are proven to drive repeat purchases, increase the Life Time Value of each customer, and even boost engagement.

  • Code-free Customization and Launching of Programs: Yotpo enables you to customize, launch, and manage your loyalty and rewards program with no code. Moreover, you can create diverse rewards and VIP tiers, and deploy a program based on points, spending, purchases, or referrals with little technical know-how.

  • Performance Analytics: Yotpo provides shops with valuable customer insights and analytics to help you understand the performance of your store and its campaigns, including allowing you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your loyalty and referral program ROI, AOV, LTV, and more.

How much does Yotpo Cost?

  • Free to Install: Plan available to stores with fewer than 100 monthly orders
  • $199/Mo: $0.20 per order after 500 total orders per month



1. What are loyalty and rewards apps for on Shopify?

Loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify are apps and programs that businesses integrate into their Shopify online stores. The apps help create and manage customer loyalty programs, which allows online brands to incentivize customers for their loyalty, rewarding them for desirable actions like repeat purchases, engagement, and referring family and friends.

2. How do loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify improve customer loyalty?

These apps help online brands build loyalty by incentivizing your online customers to keep shopping with you to earn more rewards and discount points, driving loyalty and repeat sales.

3. Can I use loyalty apps with my existing Shopify store?

All three loyalty apps mentioned above—Appstle, Stamped, and Yotpo—can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Shopify store and can work on any Shopify 2.0 theme. These apps are built to work with Shopify, ensuring a smooth setup and compatibility with your store.

4. Q: Are these Shopify loyalty apps suited for small businesses?

These loyalty apps cater to businesses of all sizes, small or large.

5. How much do loyalty and rewards apps cost on Shopify?

The price per month of a loyalty and reward app on Shopify can depend on the app and the plan you select. Prices range from Free to over $479/month, so you can select the plan and app that suits your needs and business size and budget.



For Shopify businesses searching for ways to increase repeat purchases and cultivate long-lasting relationships with customers, loyalty and rewards apps on Shopify have become some of the most valued tools.

Our article "Top 3 Loyalty & Rewards Apps on Shopify in 2023" examines the significance of these apps and focuses on our three top choices: Appstle, Stamped, and Yotpo.

Appstle provides highly customizable loyalty programs and automated campaigns to increase customer loyalty, while Stamped Loyalty & Referrals uses social proof and gamification to turn engaged customers into their brand ambassadors, and Yotpo provides a retention-driven program through its app.

These apps give businesses the freedom to customize loyalty programs to their particular requirements and offer a range of pricing plans to suit different budgets. Integrating these loyalty and rewards apps can boost customer loyalty, drive sales, and advance your brand in the world of Shopify and ecommerce, whether you run a small startup or an established ecommerce enterprise.

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