Clearco, the world’s largest ecommerce investor, partners with Ecommerce Pro, one of Shopify's top-rated ecommerce agencies.

The Toronto-based fintech capital provider, Clearco, provides equity-free solutions to top ecommerce businesses and start-ups, allotting access of up to $15M in capital for marketing or inventory expenses. Since its roots in 2015, Clearco’s equity-free model has seen its partners grow at twice the average projected rates.

A highly established Shopify Agency, Ecommerce Pro is a provider of intuitive solutions in building and running ecommerce websites for multi-national brands in Canada, the USA, and around the globe. Ecommerce Pro specializes in all things Shopify, from brand new store launches, store redesign, and platform migration to Shopify and Shopify Plus.

This partnership provides existing businesses with exciting new opportunities for growth. The funding allocated is set to support businesses in marketing, redesigning, and upgrading their websites and inventory. Moreover, the initiative provides real-time access to a global network of partners and ecommerce consultants, with insight and data tools to help support and scale online businesses.  

If you are an established business looking to explore more growth opportunities by getting funded, with access to insider tools and a global network of support for your ecommerce business, reach out to us at Ecommerce Pro and we'll get in touch soon!