Project Description

A flexible and fashionable Premium theme setup on Shopify Plus for a premier online boutique startup that designs bows & clothing for children.


Little Lopers

Features & Functionalities:

Responsive Premium Theme

Rewards Program (Points & Referrals)

Little Lopers x Ecommerce Pro

Ecommerce Pro was hired to redesign and setup their online store's content and features. Also working with a competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks on how Little Lopers new website should function on Shopify Plus. A flexible and fashionably designed website theme with powerful promotions was used. 

What is a Reward Program?

A Rewards program is a marketing strategy used by business to encourage customers to continue shopping or using a service. Reward programs also increases customer loyalty.

Why are Rewards Program important?

A good Rewards program will multiply the impact of a good customer experience & loyalty, but it won’t compensate for a bad one. Your customers will feel recognized which further leads to retention, more referrals and profits.

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