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Customized ChatGPT for your work - Chat with your store data & tools.

WorkGPT, a revolutionary platform empowering users to create your very own virtual assistants that work tirelessly round the clock or as per a specific schedule. With WorkGPT, you can seamlessly connect with various tools and applications, enhancing productivity and streamlining tasks effortlessly. You can also share your intelligent agent with colleagues, enabling collaborative work for enhanced efficiency. Get ready to experience the power of personalized virtual assistants.


November 19, 2021


ChatGPT, GMail, Google Sheet, Twitter, Google Search, Web Scraper

Main Functions

  • Chat with your private APl, tools, data.
  • Execute requested tasks and return the results.
  • Create and distribute your own AI Role.
  • Run multiple AI Agents at once.
  • Started with ready use templates.
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