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Starting $9.99/Mo


Collect and display reviews on your store at different positions and with different designs

You can collect reviews by email, directly on your store, or by importing them from CSV, another app, or websites like Aliexpress. You can then display these reviews in a beautiful carousel that you can completely customize. You can also show them by grid or add a small carousel below your add-to-cart button. The widget is made to match your store design and to increase your conversion rate.


May 18, 2021


Loox, Aliexpress

Main Functions

  • Collect reviews by email or directly on your store
  • Import reviews from a CSV, another app or websites
  • Display reviews in a carousel or a grid where you want on your store
  • Display your reviews below your add-to-cart button in a small carrousel
  • Customize the design of the widget to match your store's design
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