Webplanex: Cashback Wallet
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A unique way to engage and encourage customers to more purchase. Boost Sales & Engagements.

Cashback Rewards app will not only encourage the customers’ engagement in your store but also surge your sales figures. It is a unique and influential way to give a reason for your customer to make the order again and again. More cashback rewards lead to more orders and more customer engagement. There is a plethora of different means by which you can run a cashback campaign for your valuable customers. If you need help, you’re supported 24/7 by a team of experts who can help with every problem.


November 1, 2017


Shopify POS, Omnisend, Customer Wallet

Main Functions

  • Set More than 7 ways for the customer rewards program
  • Full circle Referral rewards program
  • Rewards redemption system in customer wallet with transaction details.
  • You can setup Rewards balance expiration as well as manual adjustment
  • Product Badges, Cart Labels, Email notifications & Thank you page customization
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