Vify: Professional Gift Cards
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Vify Gift Card: The Ultimate Gift Card Management & Loyalty Rewards App for Your Store

Vify's Professional Gift Cards simplifies the process of creating gift cards for your store, making it easy and professional. By just a few clicks, you can quickly design new gift cards with varying values and amounts, issue it with custom date & time . Additionally, the app will show the gift card interface in the language preferred by the customer, based on their location, and send an email in the same language. VIFY gift cards app is designed to take your online store to the next level!


November 17, 2022

Main Functions

  • Easily manage gift card balances with our intuitive balance adjustment feature.
  • Enable your customers to choose a custom value for their gift card when purchase
  • Gift Card Expired Reminder: Enhance customer engagement and loyalty
  • Balance checking page for customer to check the remain balance of gift card.
  • Custom email address: custom email sender, BCC email and more
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