Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync
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Starting $9.99/Mo


Auto PayPal Tracking Sync to Build your trust with PayPal, Reduce Money on Hold & get Funds Faster.

Uptreek is now the official PayPal developer approved partner to sync tracking to PayPal. Uptreek automatically instantly syncs tracking numbers to PayPal. That avoids unwanted disputes, money on hold & reserves. Uptreek keeps your business transparent & provides massive ROI on your time. Uptreek turns on PayPal Seller Protections for each transaction as soon it syncs tracking to your PayPal account.


January 5, 2021


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Main Functions

  • Auto - Sync Tracking to PayPal & Stripe. Avoid Being Prone to Random Holds!
  • Past Order Sync - Process past 3 Month Orders in 1 Click.
  • Instant Digital Order Sync, Advanced Courier Mapping & PayPal Courier Match
  • Insight of orders shipments in 1 clicks across 900+ Couriers.
  • Brand page tracking page so customers can track the status of their order.
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