TiXel: Multi Pixels Installer
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Starting $4.99/Mo


Install multiple TikTok pixels in your store with automatic event triggers & accurate tracking.

TiXel is an independent app and is not officially related to Tik Tok. The TikTok pixel should be created in the TikTok Ads Dashboard. TiXel allows you to add unlimited pixels (multipixel) to your store & apply them for specific products or for all of your products. Applying multiple pixels in your store allows you to target custom audiences & improve conversions. Can get smart insights about your ads by adding multiple pixels that accurately track E-Commerce events as they occur in the store


October 19, 2020



Main Functions

  • Easily create and install multiple, unlimited number of TikTok pixels together.
  • Automatic Event Triggering: Events trigger automatically as they occur in store.
  • Apply pixels just for specific products or for all of the products in the store.
  • Get insightful metrics about your store's traffic and audience type & behaviour.
  • One click installation & universal support. No technical knowledge is required.
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