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Sitemap SEO image optimizer & page speed booster with redirects & lazy load to improve site speed.

TinyIMG is a one-stop-shop for all page speed optimizer and SEO tools: image ALT text, JSON-LD, 404 page, 301 redirect, plugin seo, rich snippet, SEO image compressor, meta tags, photo resize, crush, lazy load, sitemap, chatgpt AI. Use image and SEO optimizer to optimise page speed & search engine rankings to ensure your store’s success. Use TinyIMG smart automation and SEO reports to boost store speed and SEO results faster. This powerful SEO and site speed optimizer will transform your store.


June 12, 2019


image optimisation, SEO, image compression, site speed, speed, chatgpt

Main Functions

  • AI SEO booster & Powerful sitemap SEO optimizer to boost SEO rankings.
  • Auto page speed optimizer for site speed boost through lazy load.
  • One-click image SEO, image compression, image resize, file & alt text generator.
  • Broken link detection and 404/301 redirect feature to never lose traffic.
  • JSON-LD, meta generator, lazy load, and script control for an optimized store.
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