Taxomate QuickBooks Xero Sync
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taxomate allows merchants to automatically import sales in fees into QuickBooks or Xero.

taxomate automatically fetches and processes Shopify payouts and posts journal entries to QuickBooks Online or Xero, automatically. Each time Shopify initiates a payout, taxomate detects it, loads the transactions, and generates a summary of the revenue, expenses and other transactions. You can also select which accounts and tax rates taxomate should use for each Shopify transaction type or have us do it automatically for you!


November 18, 2021


Xero Accounting, QuickBooks Online, QBO, QuickBooks, Xero

Main Functions

  • Post summarized payout invoices to QuickBooks or Xero
  • Easily match invoices to bank account payments
  • Calculate Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory Valuation
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