Stockist Store Locator
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Starting $10.0/Mo


Easily create a powerful, customizable, mobile-friendly store & dealer locator map.

Stockist makes it simple to add a searchable store map to your site. Our thoughtfully designed store locator can help increase your in-store sales, reduce customer support inquiries, and build trust in your brand. It's a great way to highlight your stores, retailers, dealers, and more. Plus, our insightful search analytics show exactly where customers are looking for your products. We invite you to try Stockist and see why our service is the trusted solution for your store or retailer map.


June 17, 2016


Google Maps, Mapbox, Google Sheets

Main Functions

  • Manage store listings one-by-one, import a spreadsheet, or sync a Google Sheet
  • Customize colors, layout, translations, search options, and more
  • Instantly show nearby results via geolocation and as the map is moved
  • Insightful analytics show where customers are looking for your products
  • Create unlimited search filters so customers can find exactly what they need
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