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Starting $12.95/Mo


AI-powered personalized search, collection filter, instant search with cross-selling and upselling.

Improve site conversion rates with advanced AI-powered search and collection filters. Return the best-matching products based on data attributes and context-aware analysis. Automatically detect the size, color, pricing, etc. Our app understands customer intent, extracts meaning from queries, and provides a high-quality balance of precision and recall. Our app works with any theme.


November 12, 2020


Multi-Currency, BEST Currency,, Loox, Yotpo, ... and more

Main Functions

  • Cutting-edge AI-powered personalized search, collection filter, instant search
  • Rule-based system to boost/bury products, merchandising & visitor segmentation
  • Highly customizable UI & mobile ready solution. Lightning fast!
  • Dynamic filters for collections, vendors, options, tags & metafields
  • Powerful analytics
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