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Shipping calculator that utilizes 30+ parameters to calculate rates based on advanced shipping rules

Calculate item and origin-based rates for businesses like drop shipping. Apply multiple conditions based on cart and product parameters. Incorporate factors such as postal/zip code, distance, & product dimensions. Offer customer-specific rates, eg. wholesale customers. Utilize rate blending to determine the combination of different rule set rates. Functional in all Shopify-supported countries, using the preferred currency. App requires Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping API to send rates.


July 13, 2021


USPS, Fedex, Canada Post, Sendle, UPS, Australia Post

Main Functions

  • Flexible shipping rates based on all cart and product parameters.
  • Tailored shipping rules by customer, supplier, country, dimensions, and carrier.
  • Rate blending for customizable combination of rates from diverse rule sets.
  • Prevent losses with rate calculations using zip code, postal code, and distance.
  • Schedule a call with us for a demo and free setup assistance.
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