Postcode Shipping
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Create powerful and flexible delivery charges using calculated shipping rules & delivery zones

Take control of your local & global shipping rates! Create powerful & flexible delivery charges with calculated shipping rate rules & delivery zones so you can ship your products profitably — locally and across the globe Set up shipping rates for whole groups of countries, regions, neighbourhoods, even individual postcodes! Display rates to customers based on postcode ranges with flat rates, price per weight/quantity, % of the order price and more This app requires Carrier Calculated Shipping


January 7, 2014


Carrier Calculated Shipping

Main Functions

  • Set up shipping rates for countries, regions, neighbourhoods and even postcodes
  • Calculate shipping based on location, postal code, weight, cart contents & more
  • Setup rate tiers to provide extensive shipping support on a local & global basis
  • Product groups let you offer unique shipping rates based on specific products
  • A powerful shipping rule sandbox to easily test delivery rates across your zones
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