Poplar AR/3D product viewer
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Starting $49.0/Mo


Create and add 3D models of products to your e-commerce site for AR visualisation and virtual try-on

Increase sales and reduce returns by empowering customers to visualise your products in their environment or on their body with augmented reality. Our 3D and AR embed virtual-try-on unit for e-commerce can be integrated into your Shopify website simply and quickly. Virtual try-on: Enable customers to try-before-you-buy your products on their face and body before purchase. Product visualisation: Allow customers to visualise products in their environment, from furniture to cars.


October 22, 2021

Main Functions

  • We take existing product photography and turn it into 3D models.
  • We add them to a product viewer that you can configure to appear where desired.
  • You manage your 3D catalogue through our Content Management System (CMS).
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