Platmart Bulk Price Editor
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Manage prices and schedule sales from one app. Save time on price editing and automate sales.

With Bulk Price Editor you can easily bulk edit prices in your store and run scheduled sales. Forget manual updates and messing up with CSV. Specify the change you want to make, select collections or products and we'll handle the rest. And don't worry - we have a backup for every change we make so you can rollback in one click. The app allows you to edit price, compare at price, product cost and set margin. You can use the app to run scheduled sales that will start and stop automatically.


March 26, 2021

Main Functions

  • Bulk edit price, compare at price, cost per item, and set margin
  • Apply changes to whole store, selected products/collections, products on sale
  • Override cents or round them to nearest value
  • Rollback any price changes in one click
  • Run scheduled sales that will start and stop automatically
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