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Starting $199.0/Mo


We're an analytics platform providing clear, in-depth, and automated business intelligence.

Peel upgrades your analytics with a full suite of automated DTC metrics. In a single click, you can view your LTV, AOV, measure your ROI, and get Cohort Analysis for both Revenue and Retention. Daily Reports via Slack & Email keep your team up to date on what metrics are trending in your data. Get deeper insights on customer behavior, product purchasing patterns, subscriptions and dozens of filters that allow you to segment your data and build Audiences for better marketing & measurement.


October 8, 2019


Recharge, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Skio, Awtomic

Main Functions

  • Daily Insights - get reports via Slack/Email + build Custom Dashboards.
  • Cohort Analysis - see Retention & Revenue trends for monthly acquisition groups.
  • Product Analytics - Market Basket Analysis, Purchasing Journey & top rankings.
  • Subscription Analysis - get analytics on your subscriber and subscription data.
  • Audiences & RFM analysis - build hyper-targeted filtered customer segments
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