Panda Size Chart
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Panda size chart app improves customer confidence in their purchases and reduces the return rate.

Our size chart app provides accurate sizing for customers and allows merchants to create custom size charts to fit their unique products. Merchants can choose different measurement units and tailor the size chart to their needs. This customization feature allows merchants to meet their customers sizing needs in a personalized way and makes our app even more helpful. By using our app, merchants can save time and money, reduce returns, and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in higher sales.



Main Functions

  • Multiple ready-to-use predefined templates, Pro templates.
  • Automatic conversions like (cm/inches), CSV Import/Export.
  • Create your own size chart with the flexible builder, Stores sync size charts.
  • Apply the size chart to both collections and individual products.
  • Customized color, text and images styles that match the theme of your store.
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