Nvzn Easy ARt Virtual Previews
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Starting $0.69/Mo


Boost your sales of art by empowering shoppers to virtually preview it on their own walls.

The art we buy for our home reflects our personality to others and becomes part of our life for many years. Purchases with such strong emotional connection can be difficult to commit to when shopping online. Easy ARt solves this problem by helping shoppers envision how art will fit into their spaces and look with their décor. Trying before buying makes them more comfortable committing to purchases and less likely to return them. Nvzn makes virtual previews simple and affordable for merchants.


May 15, 2023



Main Functions

  • Proven to boost conversion rate, AOV, ToS while reducing incidence of returns.
  • Easy to use, web-based, no-code, next gen augmented reality technology.
  • Fully customizable call-to-action to match your site's branding and style.
  • Shoppers engage spontaneously without having to install anything — no apps!
  • Can be employed for anything wall mounted: mirrors, sconces, decals, wall paper.
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