NestAds Pixels Installer & Ads
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Launch, optimize & scale ads faster. Install multiple pixels, no coding & experience required.

NestAds is an independent app and is not officially related to TikTok. With this simple yet powerful TikTok ads management app, you can launch, optimize & scale your winning TikTok ads faster in an incredibly simple way, with no experience required. Install TikTok pixels, monitor important ad metrics in actionable reports, and make data-driven decisions to increase your return on ads spend (ROAS). You don’t need to be an ads expert to run TikTok ads successfully, let NestAds make it happen.


November 24, 2022



Main Functions

  • Run ads faster with a simple & powerful dashboard, designed for beginners.
  • Save your ad spend & maximize ad return with effective budget allocation.
  • Understand your ad performance & get actionable insights from detailed reports.
  • Target the right audiences with predefined audiences along the sale funnel.
  • Install unlimited pixels in one click with automatic event triggering.
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